cyberjournal blog now live!


Thanks to the hard work of Chris Thorman and Susanne Friedrich (RedPrincess Productions), the new blog is now up and running. If you click on the date at the top of a posting that will take you to the posting on the blog, where you can add comments. I encourage you to visit the blog, and any feedback would be welcome.

The archives go back to March, 1995. There were earlier posts, but I can’t find them anywhere. If by chance you still have earlier posts somewhere, in some format, please let me know.

Besides the cyberjournal posts, the blog also gives you access to the newslog blog, which will become active again. Also there are two historical blogs, the Cyber Rights Campaign, and the Renaissance Network. For those of you who were around in those days, you might find them interesting. And again, I’m looking for earlier posts from those historical blogs.

I’d like to move everyone from the Yahoo and Google lists over to the riseup lists, as that will make distributing posts easier. Let me know if you have any objections to that. Eventually, I’ll find a better email distribution service and switch to that.



2 thoughts on “cyberjournal blog now live!”

  1. What does our future hold? Instead of just wondering, let’s work together to shape our future to be more like what we hope for.

    I have posted a draft of a new constitution for the United States at WEXITNOW.INFO. I plan to remove it by June 13 unless you and you want to discuss it and improve it. Why let the uber-rich convene a constitutional convention and have all the power/fun of shaping the future. We are just as important and probably more knowledgeable than they are. Just visit this website, read the instructions, and post your comments on Richard’s blog. I will check in regularly to see if you view this activity as worth pursuing.

  2. Richard,
    I have created a blog at for your subscribers to access my draft of a new constitution for the United States that is designed to increase everyone’s personal well-being. I have included instructions for helping me to improve this draft, using your blog for comments so that all your subscribers can follow the developments. How should we announce the opportunity to revise how our government is designed to everyone?

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