Climate change demystified

There’s nothing complicated about understanding climate change. It’s just a matter of looking at the climate record, and noticing the obvious patterns. The records we will be looking at are from the official ice core data, which I downloaded from the NOAA website.
First let’s look at the long-term record, covering the past 420,000 years. The data here comes from ice cores taken in Vostok, Antarctica:

Vostok medium.jpeg
This record shows that the Earth is in an ice age most of the time. Approximately every 100,000 years there’s a sudden spike in temperature, rapidly melting the continent-size glaciers, and giving us about 10,000 years of warm weather. The warm interval is usually referred to as an ‘inter-glacial period’. When an inter-glacial period ends, temperatures then rapidly fall, just as rapidly as they rose prior to the period. We are now in an inter-glacial period, at the top of the most recent temperature spike, as shown at the right-hand end of the graph.

Let’s zoom in now and take a look at our own inter-glacial period. This next record is from ice cores in Greenland. It begins at 9,000 BC, while temperatures were still emerging from the last ice age, and goes up to 1800, prior to any possible human influence. We’re looking here at the natural climate pattern.

Greenland small.jpeg
Remember that we’re looking at the tip of a major spike, a spike that goes up and down rapidly. We can see how that spike is still rising in the first half of the graph, and then begins its decline in the second half. This underlying up-and-down pattern is punctuated by minor spikes, about 1,000 years apart. Each of these minor spikes gives us a rapid rise in temperature of one or two degrees, followed by an equally rapid fall in temperature, taking us back down one or two degrees. Temperature spikes, regardless of their magnitude, seem to be always symmetric, rising and falling at the same rates and by the same amounts.

Let’s focus now on the last 3,000 years of this graph, from about 1,000 BC to 1800 AD. We see there three of our minor spikes, each giving us a temporary surge in temperature of one or two degrees. The maximum temperature reached by each of these minor spikes declines by about one degree from spike to spike, reflecting the underlying decline of the major spike.

We have a minor spike that peaked near 1,000 BC, another that peaked near 0 AD, and another that peaked near 1,000 AD. As the pattern continues from there, nothing could be more natural than yet another minor spike of one or two degrees, peaking near 2,000 AD. And in fact, that’s exactly what has happened. This last minor spike began to rise somewhere around 1800, and since then we’ve had a rapid rise in temperature of one or two degrees, as expected.

That’s exactly what the climate scientists have reported, that temperatures have risen 1 or 2 degrees over the past two centuries. But they didn’t report, or didn’t notice, that this rise in temperature is exactly what we would expect from the natural record. Instead they totally ignore the natural record, and assume that 1800 temperatures represent some kind of long-term natural temperature level. Based on that blatantly false assumption, and continuing to ignore the natural record, they go on to assume that the rise since 1800 must be unnatural, indicating some kind of human cause.

All of their models are based on these blatantly false assumptions. They are trying to find a human cause for something that occurred naturally. It’s like a snowman melts, and they’re out looking for a culprit with a flame thrower. Hey guys, snowmen melt, that’s what they do. Spikes happen, and this one was expected. Case dismissed, human activity Not Guilty, there’s No Case to Answer. The models are useless, garbage assumptions in and garbage projections out.

So there you have it, the truth about climate change: nothing unnatural has happened. There is no indication, none at all, that CO2 or anything else related to humans has had any effect on climate. There has been no effect that calls for a non-natural explanation. I hope everyone has been able to follow this material. There’s no real science or math involved here, it’s just a matter of paying attention to what the natural record tells us.

You also have the truth about ‘climate science’. What passes for climate science makes no scientific sense whatever. How can they claim to be doing climate science, if they ignore the climate record? I don’t care what degrees and credentials and reputations they may have, you and I and anyone else with a lick of common sense can see that their work is bogus, just by looking at the record. In fact their work is so obviously bogus that we can’t really accept that the scientists are that stupid. There is clearly some non-science agenda going on here, some reason why the powers-that-be want us to believe that CO2 drives climate and that runaway warming is in our future. We’re looking at a politically-motivated hoax here, not at an honest mistake in scientific reasoning.

There is no warming crisis, no reason to fear sea-level rise, or polar bear extinction, or ongoing warming. In fact we are facing a climate crisis of a quite different kind. Our interglacial period has already lasted 10,000 years and is nearing its end. If we look at our last graph again, which shows the major spike starting down, it almost looks as if temperatures would start shooting down after 1800, matching the rapid rise at the beginning of the graph.

We were lucky to experience one more minor spike, before the inevitable fast decline begins. In any case, we can now expect 200 years of rapid cooling, as the minor spike declines back down. The crisis we are actually facing is a cooling crisis: 200 years of rapid cooling, to be followed by a plunge into the next ice age, which will probably take about a thousand years to reach bottom in the Northern Hemisphere. This cooling crisis will be particularly hard for us to deal with if our energy sources are grossly diminished by a totally unjustified ban on petroleum-based energy, a ban enabled by the warming-crisis hoax.
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