“The planet cannot continue as-is…”

Claudia Rice wrote:

Hi Richard- it seems many of us have hit the hard truth that mass societies get the perception management they deserve. That doesn’t mean however that there are not plenty of us out and about who question authority and form affinity groups of like minded folks. What seems certain to me is that the planet can not continue as-is for much longer. If I were younger and less burdened with family responsibilities I’d stockpile books, basic non-digital printing presses, other mechanical tools and befriend farmers to facilitate any remnant to carry on with the rudiments of civilization.  (don’t let the bastards get you down!)

I can assure you Claudia that big changes are coming to this planet of ours, and civilization is not going to wither away. In this regard it is important to understand that the Green New Deal and the Extinction Rebellion are elite-sponsored projects. Their purpose is to create the illusion that green legislation is being forced on reluctant governments by popular will. The projects also ensure that most people will welcome such legislation as a victory for sanity and science. It all amounts to a very successful mind-control psyop. In reality the so-called green legislation is being designed by elites to begin the transition to a radically different kind of society, one more to their liking. The purpose of the mind-control op is to act as cover for this massive social-engineering project.

The very root of these machinations, the core enabler of their feasibility, is of course the widespread fear and panic around human-caused climate change. In reality this totally groundless hysteria is the result of yet another successful psy-op, but understanding that doesn’t really change anything. What is worth understanding is what a carbon-starved society might be like. You need not fear that the planet will go on as-is until it falls off the limits-to-growth cliff. We are being steered in another direction, the sheep believe they are at the helm with Greta, and where we are headed is not bright and rosy.

In the USA 15% of our electricity comes from green carbon-free sources, and the rest comes from burning carbon or from nuclear power. The total amount  of electrical energy generated in 2018 was about 4 trillion units (kilowatt hours). If we want to have the same supply of electricity, but all carbon free, then we would need seven times as many wind turbines and/or solar panels as we have now, or else a big increase in nuclear plants. And this isn’t taking into account automobiles.

When you consider how much energy it must take to push a ton or so of metal around for many miles every day, frequently accelerating and decelerating, and if you compare that to powering lights, washing machines, etc, I think we can safely assume cars are using more than 4 trillion energy units per year. And with few exceptions all of that energy comes from carbon. If we want to replace our cars with green-powered electric ones, our non carbon sources would need to multiply not by 7, but by 14, or perhaps a lot more.

That isn’t going to happen. Scaling up green technologies just isn’t practical. Wind, solar, and batteries require rare elements to operate, and supplying enough of those would require massive new mining operations. Wind turbine blades require lots of energy and expense to manufacture, they wear out, and they can’t be recycled. There are many other practical problems, and the bottom line is that a carbon-free future could never supply anything like the energy levels we need to keep society operating. Nonetheless we can expect lots of money and resources to be invested in expanding non-carbon energy sources. That’s necessary in order to maintain the narrative that we’re ‘going green’.

We aren’t really going green at all. Consider the carbon taxes that are being introduced, while at the same time oil exploration continues, the US and Russia struggle over who gets to supply Europe with energy, and wars are being fought over control of oil-producing regions. Oil isn’t going away, but it is becoming artificially expensive. As climate hysteria continues, and becomes more and more influential on the political stage, taxes will eventually be replaced by quotas, by rationing. With smart meters they will know if you are promoting global heat death, by taking too long a shower.

Where we are being steered, with Greta groupies leading us down the garden path, is toward a world of strict austerity, justified by a fake science that will provide legitimacy to a technocratic bureaucracy that will monitor and control every aspect of our lives. While we proles huddle and freeze in our smart-city mini-flats, with too few carbon vouchers to do any traveling, you can be sure our elite masters will still be flying in their private jets, laughing to themselves about how we asked for our own banishment to poverty.

Claudia continues:

Thanks for you thoughts. I don’t agree with all your reasoning, but we do end up pretty much in the same place as to herding and manipulation. One difference in my view is that, while the Earth’s climate has been generally predictable over the last 10,000 years or so, for the rest of geohistory that was not the case. We know disruption of ocean currents would destabilize organized society. Meanwhile marine life is dying, insect life is dying…the web of life we depend on is in crisis. The cause is irrelevant since we’ve passed too many tipping points. Those ‘smart-city mini-flats’ will never be built as we revert to a scavenger ‘economy.’

Actually we know a lot about ancient climate, from ice-core records. 90% of the time the world experiences ice age, and every 100,000 years or so it experiences a warm period for about 10,000 years. We’re nearing the end of our own warm period, and we’ll see the beginning of rapid cooling over the next few decades. That will be quite disruptive, particularly when people are being deprived of affordable energy for heating. When mass migrations eventually become necessary, they will be from the north to the south, not the other way around. But as you say, other tipping points might be more disruptive, and might hit us sooner.
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