The rise and fall of the republican dream

There once was a time when kings were supreme,
and this was natural it certainly did seem.
Then came Thomas Paine with his little book,
and the republican dream the myth overtook.

The new nation struggled, the folks ‘gainst the bosses,
and our JFK came to end all our losses.
The vampires said no and the shots they rang out,
since then all our Presidents have had no clout.

Puppets they were, and puppets they be,
surrounded always by grand pageantry.
Great words they told us, and sometimes were witty,
as they danced to the tune of this little ditty.

Lyndon Baines Johnson, bless his poor soul,
drove the economy into a deep hole.
While Vietnam made the treasury bereft,
a weapons economy is what we were left.

Nixon went on with the dogs of war,
racking up body-counts to his score.
He tossed out gold to vampires’ delight,
but he had to go as his ratings were slight.

In Vietnam’s wake dreaded peaceniks abounded,
so Carter stepped in, and the hawks rebounded.
He plays the bungler while hostages cower,
and thus the humbled right was swept back to power.

Reagan the salesman plied well his trade,
of economic destruction he was not afraid.
He talked loud of freedom and lies to us fed,
while looting ran rampant and capital fled.

Bush the Elder the deserts did storm,
new weapons were tested and showed deadly form.
For full-spectrum dominance no cost was spared,
and a New World Order was proudly declared.

Clinton brought liberals back to the fold,
while setting the stage for treason most bold.
He split up the Balkans to get at their wealth,
but his main job was NAFTA, subversion by stealth.

Bush the Junior, from a family of Nazis,
blew up the Trade Center and blamed it on proxies.
Constitution and economy he put to the axe,
preparing for treason’s final contracts.

Obama the silver-tongued devil did say,
big changes for us he would bring in his day.
To the clutching vampires he wrote out blank checks,
now in debt forever, we’re up to our necks.

Trump the clown tweets all the day long,
the Dems in response sing a victim’s sob song.
Working together they kill faith in the vote,
sinking the republic’s fragile small boat.

The republican vision has thus had its day,
the American dream has just passed away.
The vampires now have the world in their fangs,
delivered by our leaders in traitorous gangs.

A New World Order they’re bringing to thee,
austerity and slavery there is to be.
Perhaps it is time, my good friends to think,
of what brave people do, when they stand on the brink.

We played junior partner in the republican dream,
the dream turned to nightmare, but no use to scream.
It’s all up to us now, the whole world to save,
from the vampires’ clutches, lest we all be slave.

Only together do we stand a chance,
so neither with party nor creed take a stance.
On theory and religion, we’ll never agree,
just try it, and sooner or later you’ll see.

What binds us together is our brotherhood,
you’d think that by now it was well understood.
Take the hands of your neighbors and all who surround you,
and help build the world that you want around you.

The path of big scale has shown us its ways,
with resources squandered, while poverty stays.
The small scale local is where we can start,
and mutual-sufficiency must be our art.

Sounds boring and humble I can only agree,
but who said that life was to be just a spree?
Yet when we together find community,
I think our rewards will be ample to see.

The big system’s broken, it never was sound,
we need to start over, right from the ground.
It won’t be easy and problems abound,
But others have scouted and answers were found.

As for the vampires, in their penthouse lairs,
their power lies not in their notes and their shares.
It’s only because all of us do their bidding,
that they still upon their grand thrones are sitting.

When we get our community voices together,
they’ll be brought down like a falling feather.
The global strike is our peaceful weapon,
their minions don’t show, when their buttons they press on.


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