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My career was in the Silicon Valley software industry. In 1994 I retired from that and moved to Ireland to begin my ‘real work’. Ever since then I’ve been trying to understand how the world works, and how we can make it better. This website is a portal onto my research and thinking since I moved to Ireland. More about my background.

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a little book I wrote in 2002, under the nom de plume, Nasrudin O’Shah. You can read it online, and it includes a very useful list of sources & references.

my next book, online, still under development

my latest ideas for how we the people can transform society by working together at the grassroots level

several interviews on radio stations, from 2004 through 2013

an essential reading list – books that peel away layers of illusion that have been created by our education/indoctrination system and by mass media story lines

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