My blogs


This is my main blog, started back in 1994, and still ongoing. The earliest postings are unfortunately now lost, but the archives are available from 1995 up to the present day.


Since 2002, I’ve been posting interesting news articles to the Newslog blog. In most cases I’ve posted entire articles, under the Fair Use doctrine. I include the URL of the original source article, although in many cases you will find that the original source is no longer online.

Cyber-Rights Campaign

This blog ran from 1994 until April 1996. Several of us were posting to this blog, engaged in an online campaign to ensure freedom of expression on the emerging Internet. Again, the earliest postings were lost, but archives are available from September, 1995.

Renaissance Network

This was a very active blog, running from 1998 until 2007. It was an online campaign by a group of us who identified ourselves as Citizens for a Democratic Renaissance. We were hoping to spark a grassroots movement to bring about real democracy. Unfortunately we did not succeed.