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Richard Moore


Sorry you haven’t been hearing from me, but I’ve had a hard time getting motivated to follow the news or send out postings, and when I do send out postings, no one seems motivated to respond. I’ve been focusing my energy on thinking about what we can do locally, as things at the national level have been taken over completely by the central bankers.

I did send out a posting, “state of the world May 2009“, that never got distributed by riseup, and which got no responses:

I invite you to send in comments about what economic conditions are like where you live, and for yourself and your friends. So far the only effects of the collapse I’ve seen have been in the media. Everyone I come into contact with seems to be going along just like before. Perhaps we can get a discussion going at a more personal level.

Two people did respond to my latest newslog summary, and both sent me articles with evidence that the recent election in Iran was rigged. Here’s one of the exchanges:
From: R
Date: 24 June 2009 22:46:26 IST
To: Richard Moore <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Progressive Iran scholar replies to Petras

Subject: Petras’ article To: crgeditor@yahoo. com Date: Saturday, June 20, 2009, 4:09 PM Dear Professor Chossudovsky

I just read James Petras’ appalling article about ‘the stolen election ‘hoax’ in Iran’.   

http://www.globalre context=va&aid=14018
 For a well known and respected scholar of the left to write such an uninformed and outrageous piece, at this critical time, when unarmed and peaceful protesters are being arrested, tortured, and openly gunned down by what can only be called fascist forces of repression in Iran is, to put it simply, shocking!  Petras is not alone in taking this ignorant position. Many others on the American left, equally contently misinformed, have taken similar positions in support of a mounting rise of fascist repression.  

Hi R,
Kaveh might be right, although I’ve read other analyses, not just Petras’, that claim there wasn’t fraud. But for me, whether or not the election was fair is not the point. The point is interference in the internal affairs of other nations.
The US has made no secret of its interference in Iran, funding terrorist and opposition groups. Note one of Kaveh’s arguments: 

The strength and organization of Mousavi’s campaign which led them believe his campaign can accomplish the changes he is promising

This is the kind of thing we could expect, given CIA funding. In the other colored revolution, as in the Ukraine and Georgia, the CIA candidate did win, but is that a good thing? Such candidates lie about what they’re going to do, and then follow the dictates of their US masters. 
Clearly Iran is not democratic, nor is the United States, Russia, Britain, China, or whoever you might want to mention. Only in Latin America are there a few nations that I might consider democratic. I do not support the US making the choice of which elites are in charge of other countries.