Announcement: Escaping the Matrix now online


I’ve made an online version of the book, that you can read on the web, perhaps on an iPad for convenience. Here it is: Escaping the Matrix

This message, by the way, is being typed in our new cyberjournal blog, which is getting close to going live. I’ll post the message here, going out only to the development team, and then I’ll copy it into a posting to the cj email lists. So you’ll get a flavor of what our postings will look like.

The new blog includes what is on the current website, better organized and better styled, and it is integrated with the blog, and the posting archives. You can add comments to posts, and there’s a Search feature that can pull up all posts on a given topic, going all the way back to 1995.

I promise to get out a posting on Trump soon. I don’t want anything big to happen before I write about it 🙂  I’ve been super busy helping get the blog in shape. When you’re working with a team, you never want to be the one to slow things down.