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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 10:49:20 +0100
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Subject: New & notable

A Bush pre-election strike on Iran 'imminent' White House
insider report 'October Surprise' imminent By Wayne Madsen

A Bush pre-election strike on Iran 'imminent' White House
insider report "October Surprise" imminent By Wayne Madsen

10/20/04 "Lebanon Wire" - According to White House and
Washington Beltway insiders, the Bush administration, worried
that it could lose the presidential election to Senator John
F. Kerry, has initiated plans to launch a military strike on
Iran's top Islamic leadership, its nuclear reactor at Bushehr
on the Persian Gulf, and key nuclear targets throughout the
country, including the main underground research site at
Natanz in central Iran and another in Isfahan. Targets of the
planned U.S. attack reportedly include mosques in Tehran, Qom,
and Isfahan known by the U.S. to headquarter Iran's top

The Iran attack plan was reportedly drawn up after internal
polling indicated that if the Bush administration launched a
so-called anti-terrorist attack on Iran some two weeks before
the election, Bush would be assured of a landslide win against
Kerry. Reports of a pre-emptive strike on Iran come amid
concerns by a number of political observers that the Bush
administration would concoct an "October Surprise" to
influence the outcome of the presidential election.

According to White House sources, the USS John F. Kennedy was
deployed to the Arabian Sea to coordinate the attack on Iran.
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld discussed the Kennedy's role
in the planned attack on Iran when he visited the ship in the
Arabian Sea on October 9. Rumsfeld and defense ministers of
U.S. coalition partners, including those of Albania,
Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark,
Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Iraq, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia,
Mongolia, Poland, Qatar, Romania, and Ukraine briefly
discussed a very "top level" view of potential dual-track
military operations in Iran and Iraq in a special "war room"
set up on board the aircraft carrier. America's primary ally
in Iraq, the United Kingdom, did not attend the planning
session because it reportedly disagrees with a military strike
on Iran. London also suspects the U.S. wants to move British
troops from Basra in southern Iraq to the Baghdad area to help
put down an expected surge in Sh'ia violence in Sadr City and
other Sh'ia areas in central Iraq when the U.S. attacks Iran
as well as clear the way for a U.S. military strike across the
Iraqi-Iranian border aimed at securing the huge Iranian oil
installations in Abadan. U.S. allies South Korea, Australia,
Kuwait, Jordan, Italy, Netherlands, and Japan were also left
out of the USS John F. Kennedy planning discussions because of
their reported opposition to any strike on Iran.

In addition, Israel has been supplied by the United States
with 500 "bunker buster" bombs. According to White House
sources, the Israeli Air Force will attack Iran's nuclear
facility at Bushehr with the U.S. bunker busters.The joint
U.S.-Israeli pre-emptive military move against Iran reportedly
was crafted by the same neo-conservative grouping in the
Pentagon and Vice President Dick Cheney's office that
engineered the invasion of Iraq.

Morale aboard the USS John F. Kennedy is at an all-time low,
something that must be attributable to the knowledge that the
ship will be involved in an extension of U.S. military actions
in the Persian Gulf region. The Commanding Officer of an F-14
Tomcat squadron was relieved of command for a reported shore
leave "indiscretion" in Dubai and two months ago the Kennedy's
commanding officer was relieved for cause.

The White House leak about the planned attack on Iran was
hastened by concerns that Russian technicians present at
Bushehr could be killed in an attack, thus resulting in a
wider nuclear confrontation between Washington and Moscow.
International Atomic Energy Agency representatives are also
present at the Bushehr facility. In addition, an immediate
Iranian Shahab ballistic missile attack against Israel would
also further destabilize the Middle East. The White House
leaks about the pre-emptive strike may have been prompted by
warnings from the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency that
an attack on Iran will escalate out of control. Intelligence
circles report that both intelligence agencies are in open
revolt against the Bush White House.

White House sources also claimed they are "terrified" that
Bush wants to start a dangerous war with Iran prior to the
election and fear that such a move will trigger dire
consequences for the entire world.

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative
journalist and columnist. He served in the National Security
Council (NSA) during the Reagan Administration and wrote the
introduction to Forbidden Truth. He is the co-author, with
john Stanton of "America's Nightmare: The Presidency of George
Bush II." His forthcoming book is titled: "jaded Tasks: Big
Oil, Black Ops, and Brass Plates." Madsen can be reached at

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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 10:00:35 -0700
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Subject: Justice.int-- The Bush Cult

Now we come at last to the heart of darkness. Now we know, from their own
words, that the Bush Regime is a cult -- a cult whose god is Power, whose
adherents believe that they alone control reality, that indeed they create
the world anew with each act of their iron will. And the goal of this will
-- undergirded by the cult's supreme virtues of war, fury and blind faith
-- is likewise openly declared: "Empire."

You think this is an exaggeration? Then heed the words of the White House
itself: a "senior adviser" to the president, who, as The New York Times
reports, explained the cult to author Ron Suskind in the heady pre-war days
of 2002.

First, the top Bush insider mocked the journalist and all those "in what we
call the reality-based community," i.e., people who "believe that solutions
emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality." 

Suskind's attempt to defend the principles of reason and enlightenment cut
no ice with the Bush-man. 

"That's not the way the world really works anymore. We're an empire now,
and when we act, we create our own reality," he said. "And while you're
studying that reality, we'll act again, creating other new realities, which
you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's
actors ... and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."

Anyone with any knowledge of 20th-century history will know that this same
megalomaniacal outburst could have been made by a "senior adviser" to
Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini or Mao. Indeed, as scholar Juan Cole points out,
the dogma of the Bush Cult is identical with the "reality-creating"
declaration of Mao's "Little Red Book"



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