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Richard Moore

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Subject: How it's done: Another CFR administration.

Caveat Lector

The bias of this article, is ultra Right. I don't believe
the part about the Gorby Foundation. The rest however, is

Bush Appoints CFR Members

As national attention focuses on President-elect Bush's
initial appointments, a picture of an administration
dominated by Establishment insiders committed to an
internationalist agenda is coming into focus. The selection
of retired General and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs
of Staff Colin Powell as secretary of state continues a
party-transcending tradition of having a member of the
Council on Foreign Relations in that post. (The outgoing
secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, is also a CFR

General Powell participated in the State of the World Forum
2000 sponsored by the Gorbachev Foundation at the New York
Hilton last September. The thousand participants discussed
"Shaping Globalization" (the theme of the forum) and took
part in sessions to plan our planet's emerging "new world
order." According to Christopher Story, publisher of the
London-based Soviet Analyst, the Gorbachev Foundation is the
secret successor to the International Department of the
Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet

Sharing the media spotlight with Powell is Stanford
Professor Condoleeza Rice, the president-elect's choice for
national security adviser. As with the position at State,
the NSA top slot has often been occupied in recent years by
a CFR member (e.g., Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft, and
Zbigniew Brzezinski), and the appointment of Dr. Rice
continues this tradition. In addition to her CFR
credentials, Dr. Rice is a member of the Aspen Institute's
Strategy Group, a dubious honor she shares with Senator
Dianne Feinstein, former National Security Adviser Brent
Scowcroft, and Foreign Affairs editor Fareed Zakaria.
Emeritus members of the Strategy Group include outgoing Vice
President Al Gore, and incoming Veep Richard Cheney. The
feeling that the executive branch of our government, the
CFR, the Aspen Institute, and a few other Establishment
think tanks trade staff members among themselves as
frequently as major league baseball teams trade players is
anything but illusory!

Speculations about several other key Bush administration
posts were made in The New York Times for December 18, 2000.
The Times reported that two Bush advisers had mentioned
former Senator Daniel R. Coats (R-Ind.) as a likely
candidate for secretary of defense. Paul H. O'Neil, the
chairman and chief executive of Alcoa, was also mentioned by
the Times as "the top contender to become treasury
secretary." Other contenders mentioned for Treasury by the
Times included: Walter V. Shipley, former chairman of Chase
Manhattan Corporation; Donald B. Marron, chairman of the
Paine Webber Group; and John M. Hennessy, former chairman of
Credit Suisse First Boston. The latter three are all members
of the Establishment's favorite club - the CFR.

Richard K Moore
Wexford, Ireland
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