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Richard Moore

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When are you coming over, and how long can you be on the West Coast,
esp., CA & OR?

Incidentally, when you say,

"Yes I realize the Seattle police didn't march in goose-step..." you
are incorrect.  Inside the militarized zone of Seattle there were
squads of US military personnel marching in perfect step, squads of
motorcycle cops patrolling in perfect formation, and convoys of some
kind of pigs with their sirens blasting, driving around the streets
within the militarized zone.  You had to be there to believe this part
of it.  It was a real police state!

Demonstrators were herded into pre-arranged areas and opened fire upon
with plastic bullets, tear gas, non-lethal gas, and percussion
grenades.  The 500 or so who were arrested were herded into a cordoned
off intersection and commanded to sit down, and then they were
arrested for failure to disperse.  This charge was later changed, I

Something else you could not have known unless you were there (and
this is a challenge for the media people to bring to those who are
unable to attend for future demonstrations) was the common feeling
that 'we changed the world'.  It was the feeling of the unity of the
people, that spiritual feeling that we all are one that made us know
that the WTO is doomed, not because we beat it in Seattle, but
because, as Lin Piao said in 1965, the spirit of the people is
stronger than any technological forces the imperialists can throw at
us.  The spirit of the people came together in Seattle, that is the
victory, and you had to be there to know it.

Lastly, some of my university training was the examination of the
evolution of the world's civilizations.  They grow and disintegrate
according to consistent patterns.  The NWO/WTO/IMF/WB will never have
more power than it did prior to Seattle.  The shift has taken place.
When the people loose faith in their rulers, the rulers are doomed,
and that was made crystal clear in Seattle.

There will probably be another big one in April in DC, we are trying
to keep the ball rolling.  I hope you can add to the spirit of the
unity of the people with the rest of us.

Viva la gente,




Thanks for your account of the Seattle experience.  I'll be in the
Bay Area from Jan 12 to Feb 12.


Richard K Moore
Wexford, Irleand
Citizens for a Democratic Renaissance

                Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
                committed citizens can change the world,
                indeed it's the only thing that ever has.
                        - Margaret Mead

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