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Richard Moore

Dear cj & rn,

I was offline for a few days completing an article for Whole Earth Review.
Unfortunately, I can't send it out before publication.  I can only give
you a hint.  The Matrix.  The world of consensus reality, in which
Clinton sends in troops for humanitarian reasons, and where elections 
determine our future, is the matrix. What does it feel like to take the 
red pill and wake up to reality?  Who runs the matrix and how do they do 
it?  How can you find out where the matrix is going next?  What does it
mean that "there are no limits and everything is possible"?  How do
you escape from the matrix?

Get the Fall issue of Whole Earth. I think they'll they decide to publish 
the piece.  It's currently in editorial review.  If they don't, you'll see
it earlier.  The issue will be good in any case.


Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2000 19:48:42 +0800
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Good analysis.  However, a point with which I take issues is
the claim that USA is not *blood thirsty*.  I cite as one
reference, William Blum, KILLING HOPE, web site:
<http://members.aol.com/bblum6/American_holocaust.htm> Each
section of this book is a USA intervention since the end of
World War II. Appendix I is a chart of how the money goes
round - the agencies, their fronts, and primary targets,
from Washington Post, Feb. 26, 1967 - all increased since
that chart - Appendix II are the instances of USA armed
forces abroad, 1798-1945, Appendix III lists USA government
assassination plots. [Though it does not include the death
of Australian Prime Minister, Harold Holt, though the
unofficial evidence documented would conclude that it should
- vital eye witnesses accounts were excluded in evidence at
the Coronial Inquest, but given voice in a documentary on
his death.]  This book does not take into account internal
wars and violence. Nor does it refer to victims of
electronic deaths, stress, disease and death. No single
country in the recorded history of mankind has had such a
record. USA is unparalleled in its global spread and use of
violence in human history.

What to do about it:

Start by calling a spade a spade!  USA is an internal and
globally rapacious and violent country with objectives for
global control and toward this end has developed verbal
euphemisms to an art form.

Further action could include an alternative glossary of
terms, such as:

    New World Order:            Global Americanization. 
    World Trade Organization:   World Trade Corporatization 
    Economic Rationalization:   Economic Elite and Mass Poverty

As a person who is very good with words, and with your cyber
journal circulation, I think we could all come up with a
good glossary of terms! And circulate it as widely as


Dear Betty,

Good thinking!  You're proposing a glossary which translates Orwellian 
doublespeak into its meaning in reality. In such a glossary one might have:

        democracy: a hoax in which people are convinced that marking
                   an X next to Tweedly or Dum gives them control over 
                   their destinies.     

But we would need another glossary as well, where we reclaim our language 
and say what words really mean...

        democracy: a system in which people decide together how they
                   want to run their communities and their societies.

If anyone out there wants to send in entries for either glossary, I can 
put them together and post them.


Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 17:41:45 -0500
From: "John B. Kennedy" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: cj#1069> Greg Coleridge - re: NWO & WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT
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The United States of America IS NOT AND NEVER WAS A
DEMOCRACY. A democracy is where the majority determines its
destiny. A democracy also is where a condition exists in
which many people would not want to live in it especially if
the majority is flawed....... AND TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH
IT STANDS, ONE NATION UNDER GOD......., This county is a
republic.......Always was and has never pretended to be any
thing else.

John B. Kennedy  PM, IMA Free and Accepted Masons. 

Dear John,

I couldn't agree with you more about the evils of what is
normally called "democracy".  I think the word has been
hijacked and used to suit the purposes of those who run
things. They are clever enough to sell almost anything to
the liberal majority with their television propaganda, even
a clown like Clinton. What does a majority vote mean except
that their sales campaign was successful?

I also agree with you that individual rights are sacrosanct,
and no majority or other collective pressure should be
allowed to violate the Bill of Rights and other
Constitutional guarantees that give our Republic its
stability through times of mass passion.

Being a republic, and having a consitution, is the basic
framework of our society, and it _should gurantee the rights
of individuals.  Within that framework we then have a
choice.  We can either permit a wealthy elite to run things,
or we can run them ourselves. I think it would be better for
us to run them ourselves.  That's what I mean by democracy,
and I think its closer what the word should rightfully mean:
"government by the people".

Government, whether by the people or the elite, must still
live within the boundaries of the Constitution. Government
is an administrative institution, and it is needed to manage
a modern society.  The question is: what policies does it
administer?   Currently, it administers whatever policies
corporate leaders tell it to.  "The business of American is
business" is how one President put it.

Democracy, in the true sense, is an option we have _after
we've decided to be a republic. Personally, I'd prefer 
democracy to elite rule.

best regards,

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Subject: I wish I had more comments
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 09:24:32 +0200

Dear Richard K.Moore

I've read your article "THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND WHAT TO DO
ABOUT IT" and actually liked it much. I'm not a political
analist but if you don't mind and just think of scenario
with some addings. Don't think, please, that what is
following is a radical proposition to be adopted by a
democratically oriented group of people. Imagine that one
day this democratic group rejects money as a mean of
evolution. Just don't reject the idea and propose a scenario.
And if you don't mind it would be valuable to me to know
Your opinion. The blood of the capitalist order is money.
Money flows - capitalism is alive, stop the investments -
you cut the capitalism arterys. In that scenario try to
include educated people that only need to be guided by the
idea of total welfare for every member of the group rather
than achieving the welfare with money - because when you
start thinking in terms of "financial support for building
democracy" you will have to store those money in banks -
which are corporative and interest oriented - and what may
happen is fighting against the windmills.


Lilian Cipciriuc
National Farmers Federation of Moldova
162 Stefan cel Mare, office 1413
Chisinau, MOLDOVA, MD2004
tel. 373.2.248165


Dear Lilian,

So nice to hear from you!  I don't get many letters from Moldova.
You make the world seem smaller than ever.  

In Moldova do you have the saying, "Money is the root of all evil"?
Or perhaps it is "The pursuit of money is the root of all evil", I'm
not sure. 

I think money is kind of handy. Consider the town of
Wexford, Ireland where I live.  There are lots of shops and I go in
and buy things and money works very well. No bookkeeping, just swap
coins for things.  Its simple and it does the job.  Some activists are
proposing "alternative currency" schemes, which gives them a money
they have more control over, but it's still a kind of money.

If we want to have large-scale exchange of goods, then we probably need
something that functions very much like money. Societies have always
needed some medium of exchange, and most adopted money as soon as they
could invent or borrow it. I think we have to find a way to live with it.

Money is a system that a society adopts to permit exchange, to permit
taxes to be collected, and for public and private projects to be
undertaken. Just as rail or telephone system needs to be managed and
maintained, so does the money system.  In fact, management of the 
money system is perhaps the most important of all.

As I see it, the issue isn't money or not money, but rather how the 
financial system is managed, who decides how it is managed, and what 
goals they are actually pursuing.  It comes down to the question of
who is running society. If some group or class is running things
to their own advantage, then they will subvert money, media, technology
and everything else. The answer is to get them out of power, not
to do away with money, communications, or technology.

or so it seems,

Richard K Moore
Wexford, Irleand
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