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Richard Moore

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Subject: RE: cj#1079> re: What is 'the matrix'?
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2000 12:40:38 -0800

Hey, thanks for the question!  I was wondering the same thing myself,
Bill, but didn't get around to asking, thinking I must have missed some
previous e-mails from Richard, and didn't have time or energy to go back
through the archives!

Professor of Political Science, Michael Parenti, has two great books
that touch on the subject:  "Inventing Reality: The Politics of News
Media", and "Make Believe Media: The Politics of Entertainment", if
anyone cares to read more about how we're "managed" by the Powers that
Be.  Also, the prize-winning Canadian documentary, "Manufacturing
Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media" by Peter Wintonick and Mark Achbar,
which won prized around the world a few years ago.  The National Film
Board of Canada helped them fund and finish their monumental work, and
it's available through them, or through libraries.

Happy Awakening!

Diana Jewell
North Vancouver Activist

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Subject: Re: cj#1079> re: What is 'the matrix'?
Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000 23:51:33 EST

Hi Richard,

I too, like Mark, thought the article had a bit of a piling on effect. 
But your commentary was great and the theme I hope will be continued.


Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2000 00:28:13 +1000
From: Phoenix <•••@••.•••>
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Subject: Re: cj#1079> re: What is 'the matrix'?

Dear Richard

Sometimes I find it hard to condense an idea into words,
even unspoken words in my head. So I just want to send you a
little thank you for the following quote from the last
CyberJournal post:

    Your concern is not for yourself, but rather for those
    readers who would reject the whole piece due to these
    possible errors.  Many, however, would not notice. Of those
    who would notice, many might realize that the diagnosis is
    not really the issue.  Of the rest, many are probably going
    to reject the article in any case, because if they believed
    it they would be too uncomfortable.  I've heard many people
    say "I can't believe that - if I did then I'd have to do
    something about it, and I can't think of anything to do."

I've noticed this behaviour on the part of others so often &
been so confused & annoyed by it. Generally I would blame
myself for perhaps not striking the right chord, or having
some flaw in my argument, as any inconsistency, however
small, is usually dragged out for dissection &/or ridicule,
tarring the whole of the argument unfairly.

I experienced it most recently just a day ago when posting
information to a parrot owners' email group about effects of
soybased food on birds. I tried to make it quite clear that
I was not trying to worry anyone unnecessarily & I was
trying to get information on the subject so everyone could
make up their own minds. I am not the sort of person to
sensationalise things & usually play things down rather than
up! But with that one post, & before any information before
or against had even been posted, all discussion was quashed
by one person claiming that 'it had all been cleared up
years ago to almost everyone's satisfaction' & then claimed
that anyone who noted ill-effects from soy-based parrot food
was just actually blaming the feed companies for their own
bad aviary practices - end of discussion!. <sigh>

All of this is not any of your concern of course (although
it feels good to get it off my chest!), but that one little
piece hit so close to home I couldn't let it pass


BTW I loved the Matrix too - VERY gnostic.


Dear Lynette,

Gnostic indeed, or as some call it, shamanistic.  I'm sending you
by seperarte mail an article: "The Matrix as Shamanic Journey".  When will
people learn that metaphors are multi-purpose if they're much good.


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Subject: Re: cj#1079> re: What is 'the matrix'?

The matrix is also the stuff of econometrics, the next idea
to come along in economics after marginal utility.  It
attempts to measure "marginal utility" in a
multi-dimensional setting.  The trouble is, the values
entered in the tabulation are in terms of money, the one
common denominator.  Consequently, what econometrics
optimizes is the use of money, not real economic value.


Dear John,

I admire the way you are able to relate your concerns to whatever
happens to come along...   (:>)   Isn't it strange that 'marignal utility'
and 'econometric' rule our lives, and yet few have a clue as to what they
mean! In the Middle Ages most people were at least able to recite all 
about the subtleties of The Trinity.  Why is humanity so advanced in the
pence column yet so retarded in the pounds?


Richard K Moore
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