cj#1121,rn> * Seminars * Berkeley 8/27 * Eugene 8/30 *


Richard Moore


I've helped organize two all-day seminars, one in Berkeley and another in 
Eugene.  Below is the blurb that was sent out.  If you are interested, 
let me know.


    Personal intros:
        What is your special mission in life?  
        What central insight or focus defines your engagement with 
          the affairs of society?  
        Where are you on your path?
    For group exploration:
        What is our vision of a livable world?
        What are the barriers preventing its achievement?
        How could those barriers be overcome?
        How promising is the emerging USA movement (Seattle et al)?
        What is the next step after demonstrations?
        How can the movement achieve 'collective intelligence'?
        How can the movement bring in the broader society?
        How can more synergy be developed with movements in Europe and 
          the third world?