cj#1142.b> Fresia: Bibliography for Chapter 5


Richard Moore

                        Toward an American Revolution

                Exposing the Constitution and other Illusions

                                Jerry Fresia

                                 Chapter 5

              The Constitution and Secret Government

              The Power of the President and the Role of



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              York: Dell, 1984), 184, 185.

              2. One important and early study was L. Fletcher
              Prouty, The Secret Team (New Jersey,
              Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1973). As we shall note,
              the "secret team" referred to by the Christic
              Institute is different than Prouty's. While it
              has its roots in the same corporate-intelligence
              community, the Christic Institute's secret team
              tends to carry out policy; Prouty's secret team
              sets it. For Prouty's secret team I shall use
              "secret government." When I shall use the term
              "secret team" I shall use it in the sense that
              the Christic Institute does.

              3. The best recent study on these matters is
              Johnathan Marshall, Peter Dale Scott, and Jane
              Hunter, The Iran Contra Connection (Boston:
              South End Press, 1987).

              4. Both Daniel Sheehan, Chief Counsel of the
              Christic Institution and Saul Landau of the
              Institute for Policy Studies, for example, have
              emphasized in public talks that the covert
              activities violate the letter and spirit of the

              5. Harry Magdoff, Imperialism: From the Colonial
              Age to the Present (New York: Monthly Review
              Press, 1978), 202.

              6. A study by Lawrence Dennis quoted by Magdoff,
              199; considering covert activities, the Untied
              States has been at war continuously since 1941.

              7. Prouty, 2.

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              Presidency (Ithaca, New York: Cornell University
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              9. See Chapter 3.

              10. For a more complete account see Marshall,
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              12. Victor Marchetti and John D. Marks, The CIA
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              quote see Chapter 3.