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Here are a few items, from the Bush & Gore camps.  Comments at end.


Date: 24 Nov 2000 14:16:27 -0000
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Subject: [news] Mob Rule Wins for W

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A premeditated mob assault on the Dade County election board
appears to have guaranteed Texas Gov. George W. Bush's
ascension to the presidency.

New evidence shows that Miami Republicans, working with
Cuban-American extremists, organized the storming of the
Dade County offices on Wednesday, an action that intimidated
the election board into canceling the crucial recount of
10,750 disputed ballots.

That decision virtually assures that Vice President Al
Gore's gains in Broward and Palm Beach counties will fall
short of overtaking Bush's 930-vote lead. That, in turn,
means Bush likely will be declared the victor on Sunday
night and pressure will build on Gore to concede.

The full story about the victory of the strong-armed tactics
can be found at Consortiumnews.com at

Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 22:23:11
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From: Roslyn Bologh 
Subject: The News Media: On the Road to Fascism


NY Daily News 
Lead Editorial 
Sunday, November 26, 2000

Rule Out Mob Rule

What has happened so far in the dizzying swirl of events in
Florida, by and large, has not been a constitutional crisis.
It has been a political drama. And a wonderful drama at
that, rather like the photo finish of a great race with
incredible stakes.

But if there is a constitutional crisis in the making, it is
what was portended by the rioting that took place in
Miami-Dade County, when a group of Republicans - inspired by
the Republican Party, collected by the Republican Party and
bused to the site by the Republican Party - not only
demonstrated on the street, but entered the building where
ballots were being counted.

There, by dint of yelling and screaming and brandishing of
fists, they intimidated the county canvassing board into
abandoning the hand recount it had been conducting. As
Joseph Lieberman correctly put it, that is not the rule of
law, it is the rule of the mob.

And once you use those kinds of extra-legal means to begin
to intimidate the legal electoral process, you are on a
slippery slope towards a constitutional crisis. Even if it
doesn't show up that way, even if a lot of people are not
aware of it or choose to overlook it, this begins to give
sanction to the use of extra-legal means to pressure the
lawful political process. This is what has undermined
democracy in other countries.

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Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 15:21:26 EST
Subject: Gore's Contract Against America
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Gore's Contract Against America
By Michael Savage

It's not about Al Goreleone, head of the Goreleone Crime
Syndicate. It's about his agenda. Here is what we can
anticipate from the stolen presidency.
1. Homosexuals in the military and homosexual marriage

2. Affirmative Action - it's unconstitutional. The Fairness
for Dummies Act

3. Reparations for non-slaves by non-slaveholders

4. Hate crimes laws aimed at straight, white males

5. Racial profiling laws, aimed at straight, white police

6. A U.N. tax or world tax

7. Free prescription drugs not only for the elderly but also
for AIDS patients

8. De-legitimizing the Boy Scouts, or The Fairness to
Predators Act

9. Outlawing home schooling, or The Freedom From Learning

10. Arrest/ban or rewrite the authentic Bible as a hate book

11. Mandatory application of Ritalin to any child with
spunk, or The Security for Children Act

12. Complete elimination of borders with Mexico, or The
Fairness to Latinos Act

13. Partial-birth abortion and the sale of baby body parts
or infanticide, or The Senior Citizen Life Extension Act

14. Increased license for Hollywood's violence and
pornography, or The Freedom of Arts Act

15. Socialized medicine and a national health plan, or The
Freedom From Bad Behavior Act

16. The No Limits on Lawsuits Act

17. Mandatory Suicide for sick seniors, or The Saving Social
Security Act

18. The Fairness in Talk Radio Act, i.e., the end of talk

19. The end of the Electoral College and the congressional
redistricting of America to insure that never again will the
demon-cats be threatened, or The One Dunce, One Vote Act

20. The complete seizing of all guns, or The Freedom From
the Second Amendment Act

21. The abolition of our existing Constitution or The
Freedom From Freedom Act

Michael Savage broadcasts the fastest-growing syndicated
political radio talk show in the United States. He is the
founder of The Paul Revere Society.

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Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 11:05:27 EST
Subject: US Civil War Looming?
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US Civil War Looming? From Jan Lamprecht <•••@••.•••>
To All Americans, 
As I watch the ebb and flow of events in your country, I
sometimes see things rise to new levels. Yesterday, as I was
browsing various web sites, and following the news I started
feeling that the situation in your country is moving more
towards the danger-point.

I received an e-mail from the American Patriot Friends
Network which is trying to rally folks together. Their
message was that Clinton's attempt to remain in office for a
Third Term must be opposed at all costs. You folks have
rules, and Clinton is continually breaking and circumventing
them and playing with your minds - feeding you a lot of
legalistic nonsense. Maybe this is the place to draw the

I am not one given to a lot of emotion about democratic
rights, voting and all. But there is one advantage which
democracy has over other forms of Government. It is this: If
democracy is practised honestly, fairly and in the spirit of
sportsmanship (let the best man win), then a CIVIL WAR can
*NEVER* occur. Think about that. If the will of the majority
is expressed, then the majority will be content with whoever
they elected - even if they elected an idiot. There can
never be an uprising against such a Government. BUT, the
opposite is also true. If democracy is subverted, and voting
fraud predominates then the people are powerless, and this
can lead to a violent uprising. Clinton+Gore are pushing you
folks towards that.

The big question is: How far, and how hard is Clinton
willing to push you? Does he have the will to push you over
the edge? Does he maybe even WANT you to go over the edge so
that he can attempt to use force against you to suppress



These postings cofirm for me that the intended outcome of the fracas
is increased divisiveness.  The fracas was a joint-venture production
of hypocrite candidates and the media.

Notice that neither side, above, has anything to say about their own man.
Instead each is motivated by its dread of the other guy.

We get a situation like the couple who had their controls mixed up
on the electric blanket... He kept turning 'his' control down, but
kept getting hotter; she kept turning 'hers' up, but kept getting 
colder.  Each thought they were acting to alleviate the situation, 
but each was making it worse.

So Republicans vote for corporate rule in order to avoid liberals, and
Democrats vote for corporate rule in order to avoid conservatives.
They both get more of what they fear, but feel they've turned the 
proper control to fix things.

All assisted by the media.

We have two lying mass medias.  Television for the liberals,
talk-shows and pulpits for the conservatives.