cj#244> Agenda for CJ (proposed)


Richard Moore

Dear CJ'ers,

The focus of this publication channel is subject to your interests, and
what you send in, but here are the threads I'd like to encourage and
contribute to:
        1)  ANALYSIS:   analysis of world situation
        2)  SYNTHESIS:  desirable agendas/platforms to improve the situation
        3)  ACTION:     how to pursue consensus, collaboration, organization

There's a bit of a backlog of pieces people have sent in, so I'll publish
those today, using the above categories to classify postings.  Also
included will be some things from other lists, and personal communications,
which I _hope_ you will find relevant.

I'd very much like to hear from more of you, not just the same old
stalwarts (although the stalwarts are encouraged not to slow down,


(Bcc: CR-co-leaders, FYI)