cj#247> Report from Editor


Richard Moore

Thanks to everyone who sent in comments on the NWO piece.  Joe Ferguson
found all the original typos, and Butler Crittendon took on the task of
editor -- reviewing several drafts, tightening up the language
considerably, and clarifying the images.  I'll asked Andy Oram to put in
our library, under Essays after it gets published.

The final title is "Common Sense and The New World Order", and it goes out
in the next issue of New Dawn, in Australia.  A journalist for Hot Press
(an Irish magazine, reminiscent of Rolling Stone) is a subscriber to
Cyberjournal, and will be interviewing me on related topics in Dublin on

As usual, events outstrip reporting.  It would have been appropriate to
include the exploits of Generall Sewall -- the architect of the Panama and
Iraqi invasions -- currently in Croatia stirring up a wider war, with early
skirmishes already being reported.  It seems to be shaping up as a replay
of WW I, with overtones of WW II, and weaponry of WW III.  The Luftwaffe is
dispatching planes to its old bases in Italy, preparing to resume its
bombing of the Serbs, long interrupted by the Cold War.

Today, I'll be sending out the backlog of comments you've been sending in,
organized by topic.