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Richard Moore

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This is from Jim Warren's GovAccess.180.


 First they came for the hackers. But I never did anything
    illegal with my computer, so I didn't speak up.
  Then they came for the pornographers. But I thought there was
    too much smut on the Internet anyway, so I didn't speak up.
  Then they came for the anonymous remailers. But a lot of nasty
    stuff gets sent from anon.penet.fi, so I didn't speak up.
  Then they came for the encryption users. But I could never
    figure out how to work PGP anyway, so I didn't speak up.
  Then they came for me. And by that time there was no one left
    to speak up.
        --based on a quote from Pastor Martin Niemoller
                 (Alara Rogers, Aleph Press)  [via •••@••.•••]

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               Sailing to San Salvador

     Now Armageddon has been fought and lost
     reported on the entertainment page.
     The Second Coming came and went, at last,
     and Judgment Day was skipped, without the judge.
     It was too easy not to note the cost
     of getting through from youth to simple age,
     from sleep to sleep, from one meal to the next,
     while we excused ourselves with some pretext.

     If it is over, why then should we care
     a jot for blighted blooms and empty bellies?
     Lies are easy for the unaware
     to swear, and then to ask, Is this what Hell is?
     Or is this a puff of empty air,
     the gentle torture of the long and jealous
     sigh that follows on a hurricane
     and winnows all the issues that remain.

     And tell me, is there more to come?  If so,
     as Isabella asked Columbus, why
     has none come sailing back to let us know?
     There might be anything beyond, but I
     suggest the future turns behind a show
     of history's tide marks that we can't deny.
     I fling these questions in the teeth of night,
     until these fleeting sails drop out of sight.

                                        -- E. Russell Smith


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