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>to characterize us as extremists when we call them on [it]

No, no, no need to get that extreme.  Simply treat the objectors as rude.
It's an increasingly common and very effective variant on argument by
appeal to authority.

Reagan did it best: his budget ideas were so stunningly idiotic that the
on-target objections ("voodoo economics", anyone?) sounded lunatic to
those disinclined to look too closely.  What a lovely way to get votes.

The New Right is >not< alone in proposing hideous plans.  The more hideous
the plan, and the higher the authority behind it, the more effective the
tactic: violate deep principles and offer bland excuses with a few
nightmare words.  Terrorism.  Drugs (that's pronounced "blacks" in a whole
lot of people's minds).  Child Porn.

Thus the lyric: "hope you guess my name."  One tends to forget the
well-learned polities.

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