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Richard Moore

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Date: Sun, 19 Nov 1995
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Subject: Reply to problems of not voting

>from Mark P.- for leftists to stress Don't Vote is counterproductive--it
doesn't lead to organizing and pulling together.
> welfare-we should point out that a decent social/financial safety net
is part of a decent society.
> The ruling class's elections are obscene, granted --but they offer
opportunitties that we need to take seriously...to reach people...Green, New
Party etc.

The No Mandate Movement is NOT about ideology. I've been in the Left all of
my adulthood since the late 60's. The anti-nuke demonstrations were the last
thing organized on a large scale by the left. Let's face it folks there is no
Left left. In the United States of America Ted Kennedy is the radical left.
Who exactly do you think you're going to organize? And how exactly do you
propose to sway a population that thinks what the republicans are doing is
having a revolution. This society is about to break down. If there are not
fundamental changes made soon, then American Blacks are at serious risk of
being decimated in racist America. And remember, every red blooded American
and his brother in law has a gun and is expecting to use it. It is our
obligation as decent PEOPLE to at least attempt to avoid this scenario.
The Ruling Class don' t care about safety nets anymore because they can haul
their money and their asses out of here anytime they want. Now for the
scariest part. For the fist time in this country's history politicians are
shrinking their own tax base. This is like eating your own liver. You don't
recover to a state of good health after something like that. By passing laws
which give tax breaks to companies for leaving the U.S.they cause job loss
which in turn causes loss of revenues. Politicians are knowingly shrinking
their own tax base. This is the real ( L.E.I. ) leading economic indicator of
our time. Not what the Dow is doing.
Furthermore look at this list. I'll bet you five cents, that you couldn't
organize a majority of "Progressives" to breath air together, much less a
pollitical party to challenge the power of the Rich.

To Ed Kent- Voting for the lesser of two evils, still leaves you with...

Thanks for listening,

P.S.> At no time do I ever state that people should not organize. The idea of
not voting is to put a breach in the wall. To stop the NWO here in the U.S.
will send a signal to the rest of the world that it can be done. Then we can
design our societies in ways that we see fit.
This of course will require organization. Be prepared.

Date: Fri, 24 Nov 1995
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Subject: Re: cj#312> re: what can we do?

> ... ...
>    Since the power of the NWO comes mainly from wealth, and since it
>is the consumer that provides the vast majority of this wealth, it
>follows that the ultimate power in today's world is indeed in the hands
>of the general population.  We just don't use it.
>    To use the power we have, we must discipline ourselves to avoid the
>divisive traps that are everywhere set for us by the powerful, and focus
>on the big issues that we agree on.  I think 96% is plenty to get the
>job done.  If even a smaller majority agreed on something, and agreed
>on a corporate target, a boycott could bring that target to its knees
>or elimiate it in a matter of weeks.
>    - Joe
> ...  We've talked about how we need a
>coalition among "green" and "labor" groups, on a global scale.  How to move
>toward that?  Any ideas?
> rkm

We tolerate the status quo beause, lacking a better offer, the crumbs that
do in fact "trickle-down" are better than the empty promises of any
alternative currently on the horizon.  But, both frustration with this
situation and hope for a better one is stimulated at this time, as
trickle-down has become trickle-on.  The predatory mind-set that our
newfangled revolutionary, Newton Gingrich, bemoaned as the vile product of
the "welfare state" is, in fact, the vile product of his good buddies, the
"financial and entrepreunerial capitalists," and their half-witted creed of
profit maximization.  The critique of that, it seems to me, can enliven both
green and labor challenges to the status quo, which will gain the following
of that vast majority of sensible and progressive Americans, and usher in a
new era ....



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