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Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995
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Subject: Bahrain: Campaign of terror

                 Bahrain: Campaign of terror

Bahrain Freedom Movement
30 November 1995
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Yet again, the security forces have unleashed their hatred against
the people of  Bahrain. Yesterday 29 November, several schools were
stormed by riot police  and many buses full of students detained on
the spot were transferred for  haphazard intimidation and torture.
The main attacks concentrated on Sheikh  Abdulla School (Isa Town),
Aali Intermediate School and Jabreyah Secondary  Technical School.
Students in these and other schools staged strikes protesting

against the sentencing of a younth to death last Monday 27 November.
Some  400 students were taken to Nabih Saleh Police Station. Those
released today  described how they were rounded-up by security
personnel, beaten with  electronic batons and kicked in the stomach.
Many other students, some as  young as 13 years, remain in detention.

The security forces blocked several exits and entries to Aail
yesterday and  carried out random searches. Similarly, today, the
people of Tobli and Jed Ali  were subjected to similar harassment.

Three people were arrested on 28 November accused of participating
in leading  mass gatherings, Mahdi Sahwan, Abdul Shaheed Al-Thor and
Majid Al-Toblani.  Mr. Sahwan was released today after paying 300

As this campaign of terror was taking place, intensive military
movements were  spotted at the main bridge linking Bahrain to Saudi
Arabia and at the main port,

Mina Salman. Heavy military transport vehicles were seen loading
and bringing  in large amounts of military equipment. It is believed
that these are some of the
US surplus military equipment being transferred to Bahrain as part
of an "aid"  programme. Last June the US Navy established a new Fifth
Fleet with  headquarters in Bahrain. According to a US Congress
report "the US agreed to  transfer to Bahrain excess defense articles
including a Hawk air defense battery

an FFG-7 Perry-class frigate .. and Bahraini officers have undergone
training in  the United States to be able to operate the ship (the
USS Jack Williams) if it is
received. The Administration has notified the Congress that it will
give Bahrain a no-cost lease of 60 M60A3 tanks, and Bahrain will get
title to the tanks if, as expected, the US Army declares them
excess. The US navy has negotiated with Bahrain a swap of Bahrain's
12 F-5E/F fighters for excess F-16N fighters, and the US Air Force
has sought to sell Bahrain excess F-16A/B fighters".

While such military equipment was not provided for internal
suppression  operations, we believe that the transfer could have been
made conditional upon  significant progress towards the restoration
of constitutional rule and  improvements in the government's dismal
record on human rights

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