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Richard Moore

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Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995
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Subject: When Corporations Rule The World

Great reading. Much of what you need to know to understand the push for
globalized economies, Multinational Corporations, behind the scenes planning
groups like the Council on Foriegn Relations, Trilateral Commision, and the
Bilderberg group in Europe. This is history- not for conspiracy buffs.
The author David C. Korten is a rare animal indeed. A conservative business
type intellectual with a brain, a heart, and a functioning empathetic nervuos
system. If you don't have much time to research this second or third most
important human event in our brief history, then this is a good primer.
        When Corporations Rule the World - by David C. Korten
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Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995
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Subject: Why U.S. is in Bosnia

There have been several insightfull postings about why the U.S. is sending
it's military abroad yet again. Some suggestions were - to preserve NATO - to
juice capitalist economies - welfare for the Military Industrial Complex - a
political diversionary tactic by Clinton to keep the U.S. public's mind off
of Whitewater, and a sluggish economy, etc. There is truth in all of these.
Perhaps the cumulative "positive" results top off the real reason, which is
not to jeopardize the still shakey European Union ( E.C. ).

Let's remember that this part of Western Asia is the most violent place on
Earth, and has not seen a century of peace in all of it's history. Now the
New World Order planners are trying to make Europe a cohesive Superstate, and
the centerpiece of the One World Economy. These people's ambitions and greed
far outweigh their logic. A religious based ground war in the middle of
Europe could easily be handled by the countries that fought World Wars 1 and
2. The problem is, whoever backs the loser may be upset enough to pull out of
the E.C. If the Muslims come out the big losers, that would upset Turkey and
the Arab oil connected Multinationals. If the Croats come out short than that
would upset the Germans ( who started this round of violence by prematurely
recognizing their old Nazi allies, thus forcing the other factions to
scramble to establish national borders.).

The Germans are not yet comfortable
using their own military in Europe. So they are again renting ours. That
leaves the Serbs who have been made the fall guys because their backer the
Soviet Union has devolved into Russia who at the moment can't find it's ass
with both hands. Having said that, the planners don't want to give the
Russian ultra nationalists an issue to hang their hat on. So the solution is
simple. Put it all under the U.S. banner, because the U.S. has the
responsibility of being the only Superpower ( whatever that means ) and any
blame for fuck ups and masacres and usual resedues of war can be blamed on
them ( U.S. ) thus allowing the European partners to continue cementing the

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Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 04:26:47 -0800
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Subject: Re: cj#325> NWO Doublespeak Reviewed

I appreciate your message on doublespeak. I have told people for quite
some time that they need to think very carefully before they extol what
they describe as democracy. Presently, most of the populace doesn't want
troops in Bosnia, but the government goes ahead anyway. What we really have
is a bunch of elites who dominate and exploit the masses.


Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995
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Subject: GovAccess.208: debt.list; DemRepInd; Bosnia; leginfo; phone$; grass


C-SPAN, One of the *Best* GovAccess Tools - Bosnia Billions & *Lots* More Troops

I caught some of last Friday's gavel-to-gavel Bosnia hearings on C-SPAN,
before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - far more than the
content-free voice-over videoclip fantasies seen in teevee news - and noted
tidbits stated by Gen'l John Shalikashvili and Secy Perry in their

"20,000 Troops"?
There will be 20,000 American troops in Bosnia, itself.  There will be
another 5,000 stationed in Crotia.  There will be "2,000 or 3,000" in Italy
and another 7,000 "support" troops moved into Hungary and other nearby

That sounds to me more like 35,000 U.S. troops for our Bosnia world police oprn.

"All volunteer army," implying volunteer full-time military?
At least 3,500 reservists are being called up to work in civil affairs,
military police (wonder how many are civilian police - oh well, we don't
need 'em for U.S. crime prevention), etc.  Apparently our massive full-time
military isn't well enough staffed to actually even *approach* a possible
podunk conflict.

Cost to U.S. taxpayers?
$1.2-billion for the Bosnia operation. Another $300M for the air operation.
Another 1/2-billion for support operations in Hungary and some adjacent
nations.  "Around $2-billion" sez Secy Perry.

And oh by the way, that doesn't include operations of a carrier fleet that
will also provide support, "since they are already in the area."

3,5000 troops and at least two billion tax-payers' dollars.

And I didn't hear any mention of how much Clinton has already promised to
have U.S. tax-payers pay to rebuild Bosnian infrastructure.  The $2-bil
minimum was just for our military operation.



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