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Richard Moore

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995
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Subject: In the suburbs of Doublespeak

Your reification of `vocabulary propaganda' sent me back to a thin volume,
"The Question of German War Guilt," produced by Karl Jaspers not long after
his liberation from a concentration camp.  In it he says over and over:
"We Germans must learn how to speak to one another again."  The implication
is that language itself had decayed to the point where Nazism and its heady
purifying aesthetic of violence was embraced as a veritable elixir of life.

Here is a probably incomplete list of all the things, pursuits and tendencies
that I'm hearing characterized as Marxist, socialistic and socialism per se
in the current moral and intellectual environment.

1. Welfare                 10. Psychotherapy           19. Dissent
2. Foreign aid             11. Free love (?)           20. Atheism
3. PC                      12. Pre-marital sex         21. Modern dance
4. Multiculturalism        13. Gay lifestyle           22. Islam
5. Bilingualism            14. Draft evasion           23. Meditation
6. Scholarships            15. Classical music         24. Democratic Party
7. Post-modernism          16. Abortion                25. Modern art
8. Deconstructionism       17. Divorce                 26. Hacking
9. Drug usage              18. Communes                27. Environmentalism

I won't attempt to connect these dots on the basis of some tendentious
common denominator, only remark that any people rendered into such a bizarre
condition is headed for history's landfill.  It may be too late, unless some
pretty improbable things begin to happen.

Personally, I think that language is contaminated not only among the moronic
but among those who, given any other time in American life, would gladly be
hauling our intellectual freight.
Too many have retreated into drugs, cable, endlessly splitting newsgroups
and anything else that provides distraction, identity or numbness.
Our future political paths will be defined not by words but by actions
that will adequately imply words.  I am currently working on a project
informed by that insight.

I really have no similar biography to disclose, Richard.  I'm a somewhat
damaged Sixties product living in downtown Milwaukee.  I have no use for
the government, lawyers, cops, bankers or people who have spent their whole
adult lives turning sentences around (Buchanan being a good case in point).
America, having been overtaken by an ocean of bad karma, has aptly become
just one more pay toilet on the suppurating NWO terrain, with millions of
middle class kids apparently going wretchedly lumpen for lack of a way to
conceptualize their experience.

I live in shadow.  Right now I'm hiding behind two layers of alias.
I have regular Net correspondents, but no `readership' as you understand it.
Never have I put my address or full name online; no rationale here but just
a Sixties reflex.  From 1965 to '71 I was a cut-rate citizen of several
countries, so I can relate easily to your expatriate existential choice.
There was an earlier foreign period as well, and a later one.  Leaving from
this point would be an act of capitulation.  It could happen, but not soon.



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