cj#373> Valis “Establishment a dirty fighter”


Richard Moore


"Stone" wrote:
>Rather than machine, a corporation is an organism.

>...WE can be the immune system of the biosphere. We could organize groups of
>us to concentrate on specific large tumors like GE

Elias Davidsson wrote:
>I propose to you to draft a MANIFESTO for GLOBAL DEMOCRACY or something of
>that kind, that could be translated into all languages and for which
>endorsements would be sought. If a good response comes, the next step might
>be the convening of an international conference


Date: Mon, 1 Jan 1996
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Subject: Re: cj#371> Corporation = "machine" or "organism"?

Richard, I think Stone is profoundly correct, which doesn't assure

that the proposed Rx can be effectively administered.

The Establishment is a loathsomely dirty fighter, and that would have to

be taken into account in the most pitiless sort of way.

I would say just the same re Davidsson's proposal.


Those in power seem to get by with pitiless behavior (as in Desert Storm)
under the guise of "firmness".  But those out of power who take a
"pitiless" tack are labelled "terrorists" and are successfully isolated by
the media.  It seems to me it would be more productive to say "taken into
account in the most realistic sort of way".

Some very successful political leaders (ML King & M Ghandi) made good use
of the notion of reaching out to what is best in "enemy" consitiuencies
(appealing to their better values), and thereby split the oppostion.  To be
sure, the media was less tightly managed in those days, and that makes such
outreach more difficult today.



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