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Richard Moore

Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996
>From: •••@••.••• (Joe Ferguson)
Subject: Re: cj#383> feedback on NWO articles

    Hi Richard,

    Those two letters interested me.  The first with its incredibly
timely and volatile news about the attacks on Harbury and her lawyer.
(Want to lose some money?  Bet someone $5 that this story will make it
to the U.S. mainstream media within two months!  I will personally send
$5 to the first person on this list that emails me the issue, date and
page of a mainstream newspaper or magazine carrying this story, on
the stands before March 1, 1996.  I said *mainstream* so The Nation
doesn't count, as I expect to read it there in the next issue!)

    This, however is in response to the second respondent, Mr. Hoyenski.
Since he says "but what can you do ?"

    I would like to inform him of the organization taking place as we
type.  I just sent the following letter, with a copy of the mentioned
article to fourteen people in the Santa Cruz area, and will be contacting
churches and progressive organizations over the next few weeks.  I
believe that "we" *can* do something meaningful over the next five or
ten years, if AND ONLY IF "we" unite.  Granted, as has been stated here
often, this is not trivial, but Dugger launched us well, and it does
really feel like the time is ripe.

    If you or Mr. Hoyenski would like a complete, online copy of Ronnie
Dugger's article (including the "Altered State" sidebar) I have it and
would be happy to dispatch it immediately.  Just say the word!

    - Joe


    Santa Cruz, California                              Jan. 8, 1996

    Dear [friend or Santa Cruz person who responded to Dugger],

    I have enclosed a copy of an article that appeared in The Nation
last August "Real Populists Please Stand Up: A Call to Citizens" by
Ronnie Dugger.

    This article was a breath of fresh air to me, addressing my biggest
source of frustration with political reality in the U.S. today; the lack
of a unifying vision to represent reasonable people against the big
corporations' stranglehold on our media and government.

    Apparently the article appealed to many people in the same way,
since there were over 2,000 responses within a few weeks.  (The article
included a request for responses, supplying "snail-mail" as well as
e-mail addresses.)

    Since that time, what Dugger suggested calling a Citizen's Alliance
has formed, calling itself The Alliance (since the former name is already
in use by some less-than-progressive organizations in other states).
Seventy people from around the U.S. met in Chicago last November forming
an Interim Steering Committee, and local alliances are actively forming
across the country.

    I'm sending this out to friends, people in my area on the list of
initial responses mentioned, and a few others I have had some contact with.
I am neither an experienced organizer nor a political leader, but I have
agreed to help get the Santa Cruz Alliance started.

    Since I have faith in the nature of humanity, I believe that which
unites us is the right path.  As long as I am involved in this effort, I
will let that principal guide me, and recommend it to you.  It is this
which has attracted me to The Alliance.

    I would request that you treat this letter like a chain letter; one
that does not require you to send money, nor promises to generate money or
"karma" for you.

    If you're not interested, put it in the garbage and forget about it.
But if you care about your world and are not expecting someone or something
else to fix it for you, please respond to me and please consider extending
the "chain" by making copies of this article and this letter (or your own
letter), and sending them on to as many friends, acquaintences and
progressive organizations in our area that you think may be interested.

    As soon as there are eight or ten of us, we should meet.  This brings
me to the Official Santa Cruz Alliance Wish List.  We need a leader.  And we
need a place to hold our first meeting.  I volunteer to lead until a *real*
leader steps forward (Hi there, Mr. Monning!).  Eight or ten people should
have no trouble finding a place to meet.  Greater recruiting success will of
course turn meeting space into an issue.

    Folks, the Alliance is happening and the world needs it or something
very much like it.  Please read the enclosed article.  Please respond!


    Joseph C. Ferguson                  •••@••.•••
    P.O. Box 1049
    Capitola CA 95010


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