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Richard Moore

Date:         Wed, 3 Jan 1996
From: Vigdor Schreibman - FINS <•••@••.•••>
Subject:      Re: "The schools suck"
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On Wed, 3 Jan 1996, Richard K. Moore wrote:

> ... but _why_ does the corporate culture no longer benefit from a
> well-educated population?  One possibility would be an intention to divide
> the population into two tracks: an under-class that suffers through an
> impoverished public education system and comes out able to do menial labor,
> and a small over-class that can afford expensive private education, to fill
> the more elite managerial and professional jobs.  That would seem to fit
> with the rest of the picture, as our society continues to be systematically
> dismantled and destabilized from the top.

  There is another, more direct possibility: schools managed by liberal,
caring teachers have at last rejected the monopoly Capitalist ethic, and
even desire to set US history straight with volcanic consequences for the
outgoing materialist ethic, as I related at the start of 1995 in "US
History Standards for Political Intelligence: Confronting America's
Political Volcano" (Jan 1995) [Fins-PaN-20]. Accordingly, destruction of
the public school system and privatization under strict Capitalist
control, together with the destruction of most other liberal organizations
and annihilation of the poor and middle class resistance is the central
program of the Gingrich Republicans--the first generation, genuine fascist
American government.

  Its all hanging in the balance, as news starts leaking our this (Wed)
morning of President Bill Clinton's caving in to more tax cuts for the
rich and super rich.  This is part of the Gingrich Republican agenda to
stick it to the people, by terrorist tactics, forcing us to pay the $4
trillion dollar debt incurred by the Republican cabal since 1980
to unjustly enrich themselves and their financial backers at everyone
else's expense.

 Vigdor Schreibman - FINS <•••@••.•••>


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