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Richard Moore

Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996
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Subject: Re: cj#389> cyber-soc sample thread...

>Its all hanging in the balance, as news starts leaking our this (Wed)
>morning of President Bill Clinton's caving in to more tax cuts for the
>rich and super rich.  This is part of the Gingrich Republican agenda to
>stick it to the people, by terrorist tactics, forcing us to pay the $4
>trillion dollar debt incurred by the Republican cabal since 1980
>to unjustly enrich themselves and their financial backers at everyone
>else's expense.


That's some of the best Marxist rhetoric I have heard in a long time!

It's always worth a chuckle when I hear the shop-worn BS about the
Conservatives (like Gingrich) wanting to give tax breaks to the rich.

Consider this:

Because of deficit spending by the Far Left over the past half century, the
nation has amassed a 5 trillion dollar debt to pay for their Socialist
vote-buying programs, which requires that an incredible amount of interest
be paid.

And because that debt must be financed at higher than commenrcial market
rates, the holders of that debt are getting a windfall with a higher than
commercial rate of interest being paid.

So - it's actually the Marxists who have benefitted the rich, as the rich
are the only ones who can afford to take advantage of the windfall in higher
interest rates caused by public debt.

If the Conservatives really wanted to benefit the rich, they would increase
the national debt even more, allowing the rich to make even more money than
they would with equivalent risk-free investments.

Instead, the Conservatives are trying to eliminate the defecit, the first
step to wiping out the national debt, which would have the consequence that
interest rates would be lower and the rich would not get a windfall.

So, it's actually the Conservatives who want to "Soak The Rich".

And a capital gains tax cut (or outright elimination), like in all other
capitalist countries, would reduce the number of the coupon-clippers who are
rewarded excessively without doing anything productive with their wealth.

The message is clear: You want more reward - invest it in free enterprise,
not government vote-buying programs that sap our productivity.

Don't ever pay any attention to people who protest too loudly, like Marxists
who want to spend your money on their political agenda without your having
any say in the matter.

Bob Knauer


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        This is not a thread I'm interested in developing here, but as a
reality check, I thought I'd see how people might respond.



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