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Subject: Comments to 'Common Sense and the NWO' (fwd)
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Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996

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Subject: Comments to 'Common Sense and the NWO'

Dear Mr. Moore,

I would like to add some comments to your superb paper.

I agree with you about the desirability of something such as a G99 but I
think the first step sbould be different.

There are today a 3-4 relatively powerful nations in which about half of
Mankind lives: China, India, Brazil, Indonesia. These nations have hardly
any say in the United Nations today and will not in the forseeable future
be allowed any real power to affect UN and international policies because
their basic interests and those of their people run contrary to those who
dominate the Western alliance.

These nations have - in my opinion - a vested interest in leaving the
United Nations and establish an alternative international organisaion to
the United Nations. In this UN of the 'poor' they will have effective
power. This alternative UN would be in fact to give a permanent
institutional framework to what was started in Bandoeng (the non-allied
movement). Because of the vested self-interest of leading third-world
powers in such a set-up, I think it could become a real challenge to the
NWO, more so than a set-up built on good-will, voluntarism and idealism of
those who struggle for democracy and human rights.

I will not at this stage elaborate on the merits of this idea, but would be
pleased to hear your reactions to it.

All the best,

Elias Davidsson

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