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Richard Moore

Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996
Sender: Francisco Lopez <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cj#398> re2: CALL TO CITIZENS

Note from Francisco Lopez:

As part of the process of editing to accommodate to this list a [not] was
added to the following statement in a previous message I uploaded.

Basically, I tried to put in a simple form what may take years to learn,
research and understand. Because of time limitations, I had to write
fast, my excuses if the message is not clear enough, sounds dogmatic, or
is even not correct from your standpoint of view.

That *[not]* do not belong there. Filter error.

> In the long run, the things are *[not]* going to be better, at least,
> until we reach critical mass again and have to expand human civilization
> beyond  the boundaries of the earth.

In the LONG run the things ARE going to be better. The message is not a doom
sayer's position. As many processes in nature, it carries a momentum and
a tendency to move around and ever closer to that elusive and ever
changing thing called point of equilibrium (or centroid).

The current situation in which many people are getting richer and most are
getting poorer have  an explanation related to a complementary set of
circumstances accompanying the injustices embeded (along with many other good
things) in many political systems currently in power.

In the new and emerging global economy, a great deal of disequilibrium has
been uncovered. Many helping global society to cope and actually solve
this situation will be handsomely rewarded. Others, will find themselves (and
their fortunes) in a very advantageous position, some, even without noticing it.

Once the disequilibrium situations are readjusted, the "economic waters"
will tend to regain their level and a better distribution of wealth will
tend to occur. That, until the momentum carries the society beyond its
current capabilities under their current technology and ecological
possibilities and a new disequilibrium is produced.

Francisco Lopez
Miami Beach, Fl, USA


Sorry for the error.



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