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Richard Moore

Date:         Tue, 16 Jan 1996
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Subject:      The Covert CIA Menace

from: •••@••.••• subject: The covert CIA menace

      The CIA organisation is important for US big business. That
covers 95% of its duties. No other country can or would support
such a system, preferring FAIR trade not necessarily FREE trade.
CAQ Editorial for winter 95-96 describes some outrageous facts-

      Latest CIA Director has reported to Congress that over an 8-
year period from 1986 to 1994, CIA officials including Directors
down the ranks have fed false information up the "food chain" to
the President and senior cabinet officials. Their sources were
often Soviet controlled double agents. Worse still, as DC1 John
Deutch confessed to the Senate Intelligence Committee, the CIA
people who passed on the disinformation to Congress and three
Presidents KNEW the sources were tainted and the intelligence was

      These scandals included murders, assassinations, wars, coups
and manipulations of the political and economic lives of dozens of
countries and millions of people. Outrageous, but who except the
real Left cares, when everyone else can "consume" relentlessly?
Sleepy CIA watchdog Senate Select Committee came up with,
"American lives were at stake and our American security hung in
the balance!"

    CIA officials, true to their nature, their mission and
training lied not just to ordinary citizens but to their supposed
masters, who had protected and covered up for the Agency all these
years and "suckled it at their fiscal bosom."  Why did CIA
deliberately pass on this 'product' of tainted knowledge,
including the exaggeration of the military capability of the

    CAQ and others, have long documented and charged that Star
Wars Stealth and other highticket weapons systems had nothing to
do with defense and everything to do with defense BUDGETS.
According to congressional reports, US buildups to counter the
handcrafted myth of Soviet military prowess costs the taxpayers
billions. What the reports were, was a happy coincidence of the
Soviet desire to over- rate its military capability and the CIA's
need to justify its existence/budget, and to toss business to
defense contractors.

     What they were not, was an aberration. For decades, the CIA
and Pentagon consistently inflated the military and security
threat posed by the USSR, crying national security to line its
budgetry pockets and those of its military-industrial buddies'

     The media has often screamed for CIA changes and even
jailings but there is said to be no Statute which can be used to
do so. If the noise gets too bad a few middle or low ranking
fall-guys are retired. But if you really want to know if anything
is going to change, do like Aldrich Ames, who did like the agency
that trained him: Follow the money; watch the budget.

     Congress is slashing, but not the obscene levels of military
spending, even adding $7 billion to the Pentagon's request and
1.7% increase to the intelligence budget. Is this in line with
Clinton's promise to keep the CIA staff levels up, to protect US
interests world wide?  Would not all Americans with healthy assets
play any game that increases those assets? Is Gingrich an example?



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