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Richard Moore

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Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996
Subject: Re: cj#422> re: The Covert CI...

C-- Capitalism's
I--- Independant
A-- Army


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Subject: Re: cj#408> "The Alliance" lives

        what the hell is the alliance?


The Alliance is evidently an organization pursuing an agenda in line with
Dugger's A CALL TO CITIZENS.  They advertised themselves this way at the
end of his article:

        To join and help organize the Citizens Alliance and to
        receive a planning document for the November 10-13 meeting,
        fax Ronnie Dugger at (508) 349-2501, e-mail him at RDugger
        •••@••.••• or write him c/o The Nation, 72 Fifth Avenue, New
        York, NY 10011 (enclose SASE).

I sent them a detailed letter, which they acknowledged as follows:

        Dear Mr. Moore:  Mr. Dugger has been unable in recent weeks to access
        his e-mail and has asked me to provide interim replies.  He will surely
        write to you, however.  Your message is among the most thoughtful
        received.  Apologies for any delay.  For your information, the
        organization that has formed as the result of the Dugger "Call" is The
        Alliance, PO Box 1011, North Cambridge, MA 02140, USA; tel.
        617-491-4221, e-mail: •••@••.•••.  Best wishes,
                Jonathan Fine, Interim Executive Director, The Alliance

Over on the Cyberspace Society list, there's been discussion of drafting a
collaboration-feeler letter to send them.  We've yet to see whether they're
open to dialog, have a pre-set agenda, or what.