cj#498> A message in a bottle…


Richard Moore

Dear cj,

        This is one of those "wishes" one casts into the Internet ocean,
hoping to reach receptive shores...

        I'd like to publish some articles in some print venues, and have
gotten several suggestions from people.  But whenever I think about
following up -- writing a letter to an editor along with a manuscript -- I
always remember something crucial that must be done instead, such as
mopping the floor or checking my email.  For writing, there always seems to
be time.

        So somewhere out there in the universe must be someone who _loves_
writing to editors and getting material placed.  Maybe there's even money
in it, who knows.

        If you have any leads, you might let me know, or kick this along to
the next beach with a Cc: this way.

Thanks for your attention,

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