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Subject: L&J: Military Told To Get Out If They Don't Support NWO
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Well, this one, if true, is startling! Can anyone get their hands on the
newest version of the UCMJ? I know it's online somewhere ....


From:The Minuteman Press

High Ranking Military Officers Told To Get Out
 If They Don't Support New World Order

Source: Perceptions Magazine, 10736 Jefferson Blvd., Suite 502, Culver
City, CA 90230

April 25- The electrifying rumor that "high ranking U.S. Military have been
told to "play ball" with the New World Order agenda or get out now," which
has been circulating since late March, got further verification yesterday
afternoon thanks to an alert patriot in Las Vegas.

 *** A source has reported: "Yes, the Joint chiefs have rewritten the
Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) to state that the United States will
accept orders and command from the United Nations." When asked how he
thought the military would "sell" this to the American public, "They don't
care what the public thinks."

Anyone Wishing To Verify This Report Can Obatain The Revised Ucmj As Soon As
It Is Available.

We have received information that "there have been high ranking officers,
that within the last couple of weeks, have abruptly resigned from the
military.....we are talking about line officers, full bird colonels through
three star generals. There have also been low ranking officers, but the
report that we have that they were concerned about the resignation of line
officers as well as full bird's and above. Anyone not wanting to go along
with this new world order would be given an honorable discharge. Anyone Who
did not make a decision within the allotted 100 days (ending middle of may
96) would be given a dishonorable discharge."

"In addition, gen. Shalikashvili, (chairman of the joint chiefs) was ordered
to change the (uniform code of military justice) ucmj so that any soldier or
officer not obeying any order, regardless of whether or not such order is
lawful or constitutional, they will be court-martialed."

Something is coming! We had better be ready.....

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