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        Sorry for all these long postings at once, but I want to get as
much news out before vacation as possible.  You might read them gradually
over the next several days, as there won't be any new postings while I'm

        My own take on this Libyan thing is that the U.S. motivation is
only peripherally to destroy the alleged chemical warfare plant (which may
in fact be something else entirely, like a protected oil refinery).  In any
case, the _real_ motivation is to continue to build global acceptance for
the U.S. acting as the world's "police force" -- the Judge Dredd of the New
World Order.

        The sequence of acts in this Dredd'd campaign are:

                - Grenada
                - Panama
                - Iraq
                - Somalia
                - Bosnia


Date: Thu, 9 May 1996
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Subject: US openly plan military attack on Libya. NEW !!!

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Subject:      United States openly planning military raid on Libya

from the Militant, vol.60/no.19
May 13, 1996

   Threats against Libya

The United States is openly planning a military raid on a
Libyan underground chemical plant and the use of nuclear weapons
has not been ruled out. I was stunned after I read the column by
A.M. Rosenthal that appeared in the April 21 issue of the San Juan
Star, the English-language daily published in Puerto Rico. It is
difficult to remember a more open call for the first strike use of
nuclear weapons than this article.

Rosenthal is a widely read mouthpiece of the interests of the
U.S. ruling class. If my memory serves me correctly, he is a
former editor of the New York Times. He says that except for
nuclear weapons the U.S. has no weapon capable of destroying the
chemical plant which he claims is to make poison gas weapons. The
article states that the U.S. military is currently developing two
weapons to destroy this plant.

Rosenthal himself admits that the ease with  which he was able
to get information about classified projects is evidence that the
military planners wanted the information to be public. This is a
trial balloon. President Bill Clinton and the Pentagon are
watching closely the reaction to this and other articles because
before ordering a military strike, either conventional or nuclear,
they have to judge the political price that they will pay in the
world. The higher the political price the less likely they are to
use the weapon. The more we protest now the less likely is this
act of imperialist aggression.

After reading this article I thought back to the visit of
Margaret Thatcher to Puerto Rico less than a week ago. Thatcher,
the ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, addressed a $200-per-
person dinner in San Juan. "The right ideals will not stop bombs
and dictators," she was quoted in the newspaper. "We have to
combine internationally to do more in areas of intelligence and in
pre-emptive strikes." She did not mention Libya by name. The
audience included top leaders of the Puerto Rican government and
earlier she had had a private meeting with Gov. Pedro Rossello'.

Fortunately, not everyone in Puerto Rico welcomed Thatcher to
this U.S. colony. The Nationalist Party released a statement that
denounced her for her role in the war with Argentina over the
Malvinas Islands and in Ireland. "She arrives in Puerto Rico to
speak of privatization and neo-liberalism, discourse akin to the
politics of dispossession that handcuffs the poor countries and is
totally foreign to the interests and needs of the Puerto Rican
people," said the statement of the party.

The arrogance of the imperialists of the United States and the
United Kingdom knows no limits. Both countries have carried out
their wars with policies that maximized the loss of human life.
The United Kingdom torpedoed the Argentine warship General
Belgrano when it was sailing away from the Malvinas Islands. On
the road from Kuwait City to Basra the U.S. military massacred
Iraqi soldiers who were in full retreat and posed no military
threat to the U.S. forces in the region. As the rationalizations
are prepared for the next use of nuclear weapons, the United
States remains the only country that has ever used them in combat.

Ron Richards

 San Juan, Puerto Rico


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