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Richard Moore

Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996
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Subject: Re: cj#551> re: Rise & Fall of Democracy


You wrote:

>        Pat Buchannan's candidacy was a propaganda maneuver, designed to
>discredit the platform on which he ran.  From the lips of a fascist racist
>we heard the message of "preservation of sovereignty" and "excess corporate
>power" -- What's the inevitable result? ... that we question the validity
>of that message.  His candidacy served the corporate elite quite nicely: it
>undermined the genuine populist/progressive movement as represented by
>Nader, Ronnie Dugger, and others.

Are you suggesting that Buchanan himself was part of this propaganda
manuever...that his candidacy was purposely designed to allow the
exploitation by the mainstream politicos that you describe?

Allen Hopper


Dear Allen,

        I believe you're asking two different questions.  As to what
Buchanan himself was up to, your guess is as good as mine...  probably just
another politician who thought he had a formula for getting votes, and
could somehow advance his own agenda at the same time.

        But his "candidacy" is a much bigger thing ... and something he has
precious little control over.  The media decides how much coverage to give
him, which sound bites to use, which adversaries to juxtapose against him,
what spin to put on his "chances", and which bits of his background to

        "The masters make the rules for the wise men and the fools."
        "He's only a pawn in their game."

                -Bob Dylan


Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996
Sender: Frank Scott <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cj#551> re: Rise & Fall of Democracy

I appreciated much of the article, but the critic who insists on grossly
oversimplifying Buchanan is really a bit much. Writing him off as a
"fascist racist" can make some folks feel warm, fuzzy, and superior, but
it reeks of elitist twitness,  and the conspiratorial mindset that finds
him part of a plan by the establishment badly misjudges the inherent chaos
in our ruling class powers.  Our system is in great danger, which means we
are in great danger, and we won't solve our problems by simply demonizing
anyone who acts out the contradictions.  Buchanan, and other conservative
populists like him, are expressing genuine concern over the failings and
shortcomings of our
political economics. Of course, their proposed solutions are sometimes
idiotic, but that doesn't mean that they can simply be dismissed with
name-calling. Especially since many of the name callers will be voting
for the very corporate powers that are the problem. We have much to learn.

Frank Scott


Dear Frank,

        I fear you've misunderstood what I've written, and can only
recommend that your re-read.  But I would like to hear more about what you
mean by "inherent chaos in our ruling class powers" and "Our system is in
great danger".  It seems to me the "danger to our system" comes from the
_coherence_ of the designs of our "ruling class powers" -- I see precious
little chaos in their march toward global hegemony.  _They_ aren't in
danger -- but they _are_ the "great danger" to "our system", which they are
in the process of destroying.

        The point, I'd say, about Buchanan, is that it is not primarily
"conservative populists" who express genuine concern over the "failings and
shortcomings of our political economics" -- Ralph Nader, for example,
speaks for many more people than does Buchanan.  It's the media who paints
Buchanan as "a threat" -- granting him political weight -- while it
dismisses Nader as a no-chance utopian.  Thus the real political issues are
obfuscated, and corporate abuses don't show up in the "major" political

        Whether _I_ "dismiss" Buchanan isn't of much interest... the fact
is that the media intended for _most_ people to dismiss him, and in the
process to dismiss the parts of his agenda that "ruling class" didn't like,
namely anti-coporate, anti-globalist solidarity.


Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996
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So nice to see you and cyberjournal up and running again. Any plans to have
your troupe visit the US?

Rereading your expanded article (below), I am always struck by how
wonderfully you communicate in your writing. I would have liked a more
expanded definition of propaganda and corruption in the beginning of the
article as well as a specific list of recommended actions necessary during
this window of opportunity. I'm thinking, of course, of the call of the
Alliance which I would have liked to see you mention--if even as a
postscript. BTW, are you still moderating the on-line group? I had to sign
off because the postings were overwhelming, but I hope the energy is still
flowing. Am feeling ideologically squirmy having recently gotten my first
bit of contract work as a webmaster with a multinational
(telecommunications, of all things) I'm hoping that in a year, I can clear
the credit card debt from my new computer to be free to focus my energy in
a direction more closely matched to my heart.

Looking forward to more articles. Thanks for your continued energy!

Susan LaBarre
Across the planet, we're all one people...we just have different service
Macintosh forever ;-)


Dear Susan,

        re/ The Alliance: I signed off long ago due to lack of progress and
the unproductive lightly-moderated mode.  There's a forward from the Boston
Allinance in cj#553.  Ronnie Dugger's call has been published earlier in

        re/ definition of corruption and propaganda.  Yes, those can be
expanded... I'd written about those so much already that I was taking them
as a given, but I guess every piece needs to stand on its own.  To a first
approximation, I'd say propaganda is everything you see in the mainstream
media plus everything said by any government or corporate official.  As for
corruption, there are some defining comments in cj#553.

        And yes, if the troupe project gets off the ground, a U.S. tour
would be a primary goal.  Belly of the beast and all that.

        Thanks for your supportive comments, and try to keep your head
above the waters during your corporate gig.



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