cj#577> Cyberlib address


Richard Moore

9/02/96, Charles Bell wrote:
>>      Cyberlib:  www | ftp --> ftp://ftp.iol.ie/users/rkmoore/cyberlib
>Is this a website address?  It sure doesn't look like one.  How can I
>browse it?

        The site is actually a set of nested FTP directories that holds the
text files which are the cyberlib articles.  I find that I can plug the
address into either Netscape (standard web browser) or "Fetch" (a simple
Mac FTP front-end) and access the site either way.

        Netscape presents the top-level directory as a list of
file/sub-directory names, and supports (via double click) viewing of the
files and sub-directories.

        If anyone can suggest a clearer way to express this situation in a
signature, please let me know...


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     Cyberlib:  www | ftp --> ftp://ftp.iol.ie/users/rkmoore/cyberlib