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Richard Moore

Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996
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Meanwhile here is a prayer posted on a list devoted to the plight of the
tens of millions of kids forced to live on the streets of the world's (and
increasingly the U.S.'s) cities.


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Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996
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To help heal the wounds resulting from the recent debate in this list about
religion, I am submitting this ecumenical prayer, found at
<http://www.emf.net/~cheetham/corpray.html>. I think it is extremely
relevant to the plight of street children.

A Prayer to the Global Corporate Gods

O mighty global corporations, we are helpless without you.  Please bring
your menial jobs here to our nation and town.  Though we have little
control over these tedious and arbitrary jobs that create wealth for
stockholders rather than us, they are all that we lowly workers deserve.
Grant us your x dollars per hour so that we might have hope of purchasing
your fine plastic products that bestow lasting contentment.  Forgive us
when we question your authority or do not work fast enough, for we are but
wretched servants, and please oh pretty please do not cast us onto the
street where there is much weeping and knashing of teeth.  Thank you for
blessing us with the security of predictable name brand products, and for
the intelligent chemicals in our food that protect us from the sinister
microorganisms and insects.  Prepare our food and serve it to us, that we
may have more time to serve you.  We will gladly consume whatever you hand
to us, for you are all-knowing.  Pacify us with a plethora of prefabricated
entertainment, as we have forgotten how to entertain each other.  Reveal to
us through your media what we are to believe, for we cannot trust our own
feeble judgement.  Guide your politicians as they strive to make this
region of the planet more cost-effective for you by abolishing the evil
worker rights laws, corporate taxation, and environmental protections that
offend you deeply and drive you away from us.  And thank you for
undercutting the pitifully small local businesses that would dare challenge
your divine dominance and threaten the sacred homogenous culture in which
you have safely wrapped us.  Truly all resources belong to you, and we are
but humble stewards of them.  For thine is the empire, the power, and the
planet, until you destroy it.  Amen.

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property, you peasant, and see what happens!

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