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Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 04 Oct 1996
From: Ronen Givony <•••@••.•••>
To: •••@••.•••
Subject: Disney Info

Hi.  My name is Ronen Givony, a Ph.D. candidate at Yale doing my
doctoral dissertation on Disney's abuses.  I was really excited to find
this newsgroup, but there aren't that many posts.  Do you think you might
be able to help me? I'm looking for books, articles, magazines, web
pages, people on the Internet, or any other resource you could think of
that might help me research Disney's numerous abuses.  I'm mainly looking
for corporate abuses (Eisner's salary, Disney third world labor policy,
Cap Cities/ABC merger, corporate holdings, etc.) or entertainment abuses
(Disneyfication of history, sugarcoatting literature, watering down of
actual events to give them happy endings, etc.), as well as similar
things along that vein.  Do you think you might be able to help me? I
appreciate any and all time you can give me.  Please write back to
•••@••.•••.  If you think you'd be too busy, just tell me and I
won't be offended.  Thanks again.


Ronen Givony


Dear Ronen,

        I'm sending this out on the cj list, in case anyone out there can
offer you some pointers.  I do remember an article a few years back
(Nation? Progressive?) about the Florida politics around Disneyworld -- how
basically a county-size area became a corporate territory, with laws
specially interpreted for Disney convenience, standard restrictions waved,
etc.  Nothing that unprecedented in principle, but I think the details were
fascinating and revealing of Disney mentality.

        I guess you could say old Walt was one of the most creative and
prolific propagandists for the Great American Myth that history has seen.
Disneyland/Anaheim, for example, seems to be an advertisement for the whole
concept of corporate-sponsored "progress": Tomorrowland is the advert, and
the rest is a romanticized, self-indulgent fantasy.

        Is there any truth to the rumor that Ronald Reagan is in the
cyro-banks and it was a Disney animitron in the White House??

Good Luck,

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