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Richard Moore

Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996
Sender: Charles <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cj#612> It ain't easy to fight the NWO

> ** Topic: US Court Supports Texaco Policies **

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>  The New York judge's
> ruling was based largely on the insistence of Ecuador's prior government
> that the suit be tried in Ecuador.
                   ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^
> plaintiffs like Maria Aguinda et. al., injured by U.S. corporations, often
> have no other recourse but U.S. courts.  Texaco, for instance, is immune
> from lawsuits in Ecuador.
  ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^

These two statements do not gibe.  Why?

Charles Bell


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Dear Charles,

        They do gibe, if the goal is to prevent the case from being heard
at all, which is what I was implying by my title for that cj posting (It
ain't easy to fight the NWO).  What I did find confusing was the statement
"The new government recently denounced Texaco's superficial clean-up
activities and may be inclined to support the suit."  I couldn't untangle
the timing of the various events.


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