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        Here's an article by "Joshua2" (the nom-de-plum of an
American named William Schwartz) which provides a concise yet
comprehensive primer to major conspiracy threads behind the New World
Order, a kind of "Conspiracy 101" for students of the NWO.  These
aren't mystical references to an "Illuminati" or "Secret Masonry",
but rather, it seems, a well-documented trail of not-that-secret, but
outside-the-public-loop, influence and control over global events by
concious, organized members of elite circles.  (Second part


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From: •••@••.••• (Joshua2)
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997

                           UNDERSTANDING THE NEW WORLD ORDER
                                                 by: Joshua2

   This is a very touchy subject and requires a base of clarity. I
expect that the reader will maintain a healthy skepticism, in
conjunction with an open mind. In the end you will not be

   So that we are all playing in the same ball park, I'll start by
defining the terms...

PROPAGANDA -  n. 1. information or ideas methodically spread to
promote or injure a cause, nation, etc.2. the deliberate spreading of
such information or ideas. Propaganda is the systematic attempt to
manipulate the attitudes, beliefs, and actions of people through the
use of symbols such as words, gestures, slogans, flags, and uniforms.
Ideas, facts, or allegations are spread to further a cause or to
damage an opposing cause. The factor that distinguishes
propagandizing from educating and informing is deliberate selectivity
and manipulation. The word propaganda was derived from the title of
the Congregation for Propagating the Faith (Congregatio de propaganda
fide), established by Pope Gregory XV in 1622, which had jurisdiction
over missionary work conducted by the Roman Catholic church. Within
modern history, the propaganda machine of the German Nazis under
Joseph GOEBBELS is especially infamous.

   Different Forms of Propaganda

Propaganda can take various forms, ranging from overt attempts to
influence the public to covert means of persuasion. Psychological
warfare is a form of propaganda employed to confuse and demoralize
enemy populations. BRAINWASHING is the practice of subjecting
individuals to intensive political indoctrination and depends on
methods aimed at breaking down the subject's resistance.

Considerably less extreme forms of propaganda also exist. ADVERTISING
( less extreme, but much more pervasive - J2 ) for example, has been
regarded as propaganda. Information on consumer sentiments toward
various products, their packaging, and sales and advertising
techniques is obtained through market research. The information is
then used to mount advertising campaigns making one-sided appeals to
consumer preferences.designed to avert potential dangers.

The larger the propaganda enterprise, the more important are such
mass media as television, newspapers, and the radio for reaching the
widest audience in the most effective way. Mass communication studies
that investigate the relative effectiveness and credibility of the
various media are frequently used by propagandists when selecting a
means of reaching the public. Using a method known as content
analysis, the propagandist can quantitatively measure the symbolic
content of his or her own propaganda and that of others. Symbol
analysis has also been used to estimate the degree of fear and
tension within a country. Apparently, at the height of a crisis,
editorials concentrate on relatively few main symbols, whereas under
relaxed conditions a broader set of symbols is used. ( from Grolier
Multimedia Encyclopedia- partial )

     Mass political propaganda is ALSO successful when it results in
INACTION, thus maintaining the status quo.

CONSPIRACY -  A conspiracy, in Anglo-American common law, is a
combination of two or more persons formed for the purpose of
committing some unlawful or criminal act or for the purpose of using
unlawful or criminal means to commit an act not in itself unlawful.
The essence of the crime is the agreement and, in some jurisdictions,
the taking of steps to effect the plan (see also COLLUSION). In cases
where actual damage is sustained by one or more victims, conspirators
are also subject to civil suit for the recovery of damages. (
Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia )

   If you and a neighbor secretly plan a surprise birthday party for
another neighbor, this is not a conspiracy.  If you and a neighbor
secretly plan a surprise birthday party for another neighbor in the
hope that he will get drunk and agree to pay half the cost of a fence
that you would like to install, then this is a conspiracy. The point
being that a third party is negatively affected by the conscious
effort of the conspirators.  Conspiracies are a common occurrence.
The act of keeping secret the conversation between a lawyer and his
guilty client, is a conspiracy.

conspiracy (noun) -- Synonyms: PLOT 2, cabal, covin, intrigue,
machination, practice, scheme   Related words: sedition, treason;
disloyalty, faithlessness, falsity, perfidiousness, perfidy,
treacherousness, treachery    Contrasted words: faith, faithfulness,
fealty, loyalty

   I can't find any reference to the term _ conspiracy theory _ in a
dictionary, or thesaurus. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm ??? It must be that the
powers that be don't want us to understand what conspiracy theory

   This is an excellent example of conspiracy theory. It is not
supernaturally based, and is possible in the rational scheme of
things. The most famous examples are the JFK assassination conspiracy
theories. From Oliver Stone's movie to the deathbed confessions of a
Mafia don, one thing is sure, the most unbelievable story is the
official one.


   Effective propaganda only works if it is tailored to the sucker's
frame of reference. In the old days, and among primitive and / or
uneducated people, as well as among educated religious people, a
belief in the supernatural, where anything is possible, can allow one
to believe the single source theory. The single source theory holds
that all the evil and malevolence in the story can be traced back to
a single source. In that person's world, a cabal ( from the
Hebrew,Cabbalah ) of fiendishly clever old Jews, can successfully
conspire, organize, and carry out control and domination of the
entire world in near total secrecy, even before the age of instant

   The notion among a fair portion of the American Black community
that the White Devils invented Aids to decimate their ( Black's )
population is laughable to educated Blacks and just about all Whites.
It's not that White Americans are not capable of doing such a thing,
it's that once released into the general population, how does the
disease distinguish Blacks from every one else ? If Blacks are more
susceptible because of promiscuous sexual behavior, then this is a
foolish attempt at genocide since the choice to accommodate the White
Devils is entirely in the hands ( so to speak ) of the intended

   These two examples fall under the heading of " Conspiracies".


   Several months ago C-Span aired a debate between Joe Madison, a
Washington DC liberal radio talk show host, and Oliver North, a world
famous scumbag. The debate was about the recent allegations that the
C.I.A. ( Capitalisms Independent Army) was either responsible for, or
complicit in the crack cocaine devastation of the urban poor in
California and eventually the urban poor in the rest of the country.
If these allegations are true, then that makes North and the national
security people mass murderers of their own citizens.

   There are ample numbers of CIA and DEA agents ready to testify
that this is true. This comes as no surprise to the Left, or to
Vietnam War Vets, or to the Afghans, or to Israeli Intelligence, or
to the Hmong refugees in this country. But this is too hard for
ordinary civilians to swallow. It means discarding their essential
beliefs in their country and by extension in themselves. If they can
be given some wiggle room, then no serious and extensive overhaul
need be done to the CIA or themselves.

   Most of North's conversation was obfuscation and emphatic denial,
but on several occasions he accused Madison and the San Jose Mercury
News, who broke the story this time around, of buying into and
foisting upon the public " conspiracy theories", and even mentioned
Oliver Stone. Knowing full well what kind of people watch C-Span, he
chose "conspiracy theory", rather than "conspiracy", because it was
in fact a conspiracy, and by adding the word "theory" he introduces
an element of doubt,( in that a theory is different from a fact,)
while painting the accuser as paranoid or gullible. This leaves the
intelligent educated audience feeling superior, and the doubt
provides the wiggle room to "wait and see" or do nothing. Mission
accomplished !

   All positions of power, are conspiratorial. Withholding pertinent
or empowering information from rivals or subordinates is a main
component of keeping the Top Dog on top. Insider trading, price
fixing, hidden taxes, political bribery, editorial prerogatives,
advertising, AND the strict prohibition against open discussion of
wages and salaries among peers in a company, are areas of life that
conspiracies affect every day. Covert operations the size of small
wars, directed against the very people who pay for them. The
unleashing of drugs, bugs, and thugs on an unsuspecting civilian
population. A heist so big, that one book on the subject of the S&L
whitecollar collusion between congress and bankers, is entitled "The
Greatest Ever Bank Robbery" . Even that title understates the amount
of money successfully stolen by conspiring businessmen and public
servants. Let's turn Social Security over to these people. But enough
about conspiracy theories, lets talk about the "Rich".


   The people we are talking about here are referred to by Ferdinand
Lundberg as the "Super Rich". Were he writing his book today, it
would be titled " The Rich, The Super Rich and The Hyper Rich ".
These are the people we see in news clips of $1,000 dollar a plate
political gatherings. These are the people who control the
Administrative Branch, the Legislative Branch, and have great
influence over the Invertebrate Branch of Government also known as
the Supreme Court. These people should be viewed as a social class
because they intermarry and have common interests. The two most
common interests they have are ...
   1) How to keep from losing any of their money.
   2) How to get a lot more, and keep from losing that too.

   These are truly worthy endeavors, and keep these people busy and
out of our lives ... except around election time.

   "Clinton sits on the White House seat.
   While many work to ensure his defeat.
   But only few know,
   He's on the third row,
   Of the American Power Elite.
                                ( anonymous )

   " The real rulers in Washington are invisible, and exercise power
from  behind the scenes."
                 Felix Frankfurter  --  Supreme Court Justice, CFR

   " I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to
rule the Empire,... The man that controls Britain's money supply
controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply."
                 Baron Nathan Mayer de  Rothschild


   Most people think that George ( Skull and Bones ) Bush invented
the phrase after the Gulf War. In fact, the New World Order was
initiated over one hundred years ago in Colonialist Great Britain, at
the peak of empire.

   If this statement is true, then how is it that so few people know
about it


   Cecil Rhodes went to Oxford University where to the amazement of
no one, he learned that, "the British upper classes possessed a
glorious tradition of beauty, decency, education, law, and self -
discipline ".
       ( Tragedy and Hope -- Carroll Quigley )

   After a solid education at Oxford, he was now prepared to steal as
much as he could from the native peoples of Africa. With the
financial backing of the Rothschild banking interests he founded the
Consolidated Gold Fields, and DeBeers diamond empire in southern
Africa. He also founded a country wittily named Rhodesia. Towards the
end of his life he had a personal yearly income of $ 100,000,000
dollars in today's money.


   He desired " to federate the English - speaking peoples and to
bring all the habitable portions of the world under their control.
For this purpose Rhodes left part of his great fortune to found the
Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford in order to spread the English ruling
class tradition."
                ( Quigley )

   To these purposes Rhodes formed a private secret society with some
very heavy hitters. Lord Balfour, Lord Gray, Lord Esher, Lord
Rothschild, and Lord Milner (who organized a group called the British
Round Table).

   " From 1884 to about 1915 the members of the group worked
valiantly to extend the British empire and to organize it into a
federal system... Stead (one of the group) was able to get Rhodes to
accept, in principal, a solution which might have made Washington the
capital of the whole organization or allow parts of the empire to
become states of the American Union.

   The American branch of this organization ( a.k.a. the " Eastern
Establishment ") has played a very significant role in the United
States in the last generation ( pre-WWII ).

   The chief backbone of this organization grew up along the already
existing financial cooperation running from the Morgan Bank in New
York to a group of international financiers in London led by Lazard
Brothers. Lord Milner became a director of the precursor to the giant
Midland Bank. He became one of the greatest political and financial
powers in England with his disciples placed throughout England in
significant places, such as the editorship of the Times, the
editorship of the Observer, the managing directorship of Lazard
Brothers, various administrative posts, and even Cabinet positions.
Ramifications were established in politics, high finance, Oxford and
London Universities, periodicals, the civil service, and tax - exempt
 ( from " Tragedy and Hope " by Ivy League luminary, historian Dr.
Carrol Quigley )


   After the death of Cecil Rhodes in 1902, Lord Milner became the
executor of Rhodes' trust. He organized " discreet " discussion /
study / work groups known as the Round Table Groups throughout the
Empire, including America. In 1919, these groups established the
Royal Institute of International Affairs.  The Council on Foreign
Relations was the U.S. affiliate of the R.I.I.A. and the other Round
Table Groups.

   "The New York branch was dominated by associates of the Morgan
Bank. For example, in 1928 the Council on Foreign Relations had John
W. Davis as president, Paul Cravath as vice president, and a council
of thirteen others, which included Owen D. Young, Russel Leffingwell,
Norman Davis, Allen Dulles, George Wickersham, Frank L. Polk, Whitney
Sheperdson, Isaiah Bowman, Stephan P. Duggan, and Otto Khan."
( Quigley )

   These men had economic and cultural ties to the British state and
aristocracy. That they were Anglophile is obvious, but they were also

Internationalists and admiring of European culture. They are
Episcopalian and highly urbane. They are the models for the old "high
society" characters epitomized by William Powell in the movies.
   These people came to dominate the most important institutions in
our society. They were powerful Wall Street lawyers like the Dulles
brothers, who looked after the foreign investments of their super
rich clients. Especially their investments in Europe, and more
especially their investments in German corporations building Hitler's
new war machine.

   At first with the backing of the Morgan Bank, and later with the
Rockefeller Banks ( Chase Manhattan, and First National City Bank,
now called Citicorp ) the CFR had a healthy start in life. It was and
continues to be nourished by the giant tax averting foundations of
the super rich, and direct donations from the Fortune 500.


   Why are there " philanthropic foundations " ? Why would people who
dedicated their lives to accumulating wealth and by extension, power,
want to give it away ?

   The following are excerpts from -- The Rich and the Super-Rich -
By Ferdinand Lundberg.

   - Public Relations - The founder may have been publicly disliked,
like John D. Rockefeller I, or not very well liked, like Andrew
Carnagy. But the forming of foundations had the effect of altering
opinion in an unsophisticated population, turning the supposed bad
guy into a supposed good guy.

   - Tax Avoidance - Nearly all of the American foundations have come
into view since the enactment of the income tax and estate laws: The
foundations are completely exempt not only with respect to income
taxes but also capital gains taxes. One does not know in each case
that the founder sought to escape taxes, but common reason would
indicate it. Many standard tax advisory services explicitly point to
these factors as attractive features of foundations.

   - Corporate Control ... which would otherwise be undermined by tax
laws, is preserved to perpetuity by many foundations, permitting the
hereditary transmission, tax free, of vast corporate power.

   - Education and Propaganda - The foundations extend the power of
their founders very prominently into the cultural areas of education
( and propaganda ), science, the arts and social relations. ( If you
doubt this, you only need look at the credits of PBS' programming. -
J2 ) While much that is done in these areas under foundation auspices
meets judicious critical approval, it is a fact that these
dispensations inevitably take the form of patronage, bestowed on
approved projects, withheld from disapproved projects. Recipients of
the money must be ideologically acceptable to the donors.

   In other words, he who pays the piper calls the tune. The various
foundations also fund the "Think Tanks" where hired brains
rationalize, and publicize current trends across the narrow spectrum
of their employer's world view. One of the more famous think tanks is
the Brookings Institution. Brookings is utilized as the liberal or
left, when in a debate with the conservative or right American
Enterprise Institue. These debates are most often seen on "thinking
person's" news programs such as the News Hour on PBS, or Nightline on
ABC, or the talking heads shows like Crossfire, Meet the press, etc..
This type of presentation gives the appearance of ballanced coverage
of the issues at hand, but are really two sides of the same coin
since all the major think tanks are funded by major corporations,
foundations, or directly by the rich. How many times have you seen
Noam Chomsky, or Michael Parenti, or Gus Hall, debating Norm Ornstien
on Nightline ?

   It should also be understood that when hugh amounts of money are
excluded from the tax base, then a greater tax burden falls on the
rest of us. If the poor don't have it, and the rich don't pay it,
then an unfairly large proportion of the tax burden falls on the
struggling middle class.

   " The grant-making foundation can exercise enormous power through
the direct use of its funds. Moreover it materially increases its
power and its influence by building collaeral alliances which serve
greatly to insulate it against criticism... These dangers to our
society relate chiefly to the use of foundation funds for political
ends; they arise out of the accumulation of substantial economic
power and cultural influence in the hands of a class of
administrators of tax-exempt funds established in perpetuity. An "
elite " has thus emerged in control of gigantic financial resources
operating outside of our democratic processes, which is willing and
able to shape the future of this nation and of mankind in the image
of its own values and concepts. "
       ( Rene Wormser, author of " Foundations ", lawyer, and
professional anti-communist )

   And lastly, there is a revolving door between the foundations (
Trusts ), the Ivy League and elite academic institutions, and the
highest posts in the federal government. Robert S. McNamara, and
McGeorge Bundy ( Dean of faculty, Arts and Sciences Dept. at Harvard
) are two well known examples of many.


W.K. KELLOGG FOUNDATION -1930           KELLOGG'S ( cereals )

To be continued...