cj#690> re: Executive Order; larger audiences


Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997
Sender: •••@••.••• (Kathleen Geathers)
Subject: Re: cj#686> THE EXECUTIVE ORDER - anti-constitutional

Thank you Richard for your article on the constitution. Only yesterday
I mentioned to people that democracy as described as power coming from
the people does not exist. When government conceals everything, there
is no participation by the people. Edicts are issued, and the sheep
are to follow without question. Rights of the people are assaulted
right and left. When we wake up, I fear it will be too late.


Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997
Sender: •••@••.••• (Joe Ferguson)
Subject: Re: cj#687> Seeking larger audiences...

Hi Richard,

Short of time I would like to quickly propose a radical idea on this.

You know how I feel that people that buy into the idea you must choose
"Left" or "Right" in order to be anywhere, have been mislead by one of
the craftiest "divide-and-conquer" schemes ever conceived; and that I
believe the essence of left and right are like the Yin and Yang and that
neither can dominate reality nor be eliminated but must both be embraced.

Further, you should know that I value your analysis because it remains
above this delusion that all people are so divided, and your ideas cut
to the core of the dilemmas of modern civilization.

So, I suggest you also seek out "conservative" venues for your articles,
assuming there are some of these that are essentially honest and valid
(I'm sure this is true just like there are such publications on "the
other side.")

Best Regards,

- Joe


Dear Joe,

A good line of thinking.  "Conservative" in this case, I presume, includes
such themes as "nationalist", "welfare-paranoia", "drugs-paranoia",
"crime-paranoia", "religion-obsessed".

These guys see themselves as being very anti-establishment, as do
"leftists", but from a different angle.

In some sense, "left" vs "right" is an intentional distraction from
"people" vs. "elite".  Hence all the absurd malarky about Clinton being
"liberal" - providing a phony focus for political analysts to write about.

Your kind of thinking aims to build a bridge across the left-right divide,
unifying "us" to face "them" - the elite.