cj#714> * investigation alert *


Richard Moore

My involvement with Diana's alleged accident has now extended beyond
theorizing and passing on rumors..

I've got a "reliable source" - someone long known to me and trustworthy -
who is directly investigating the incident and who has talked to his own
"reliable sources".  The following claim of one "Sherman Skolnick" (who is
not my source), published previously in cj as "unverified", I now consider

  >Not many know that in the UK they have the Official Secrets Act. By that
  >Act, the London government has the power, throughout the UK, to order that
  >certain subjects are absolutely forbidden to be discussed.  Currently, the
  >forbidden subject is any discussion of possible foul play in the death of
  >Princess Diana and her intended husband Dodi Fayed.

Even by itself I find this noteworthy, given that no hint of foul play has
received air time.  Even if the gag order doesn't implicate MI5, it seems
to at least hint that they're investigating _something_ and don't want
premature leaks to get out.  Either way would indicate there are
significant aspects to the story that aren't yet coming out.

The claim of Diana being pregnant, however, now seem doubtful.

The claim "that British Intelligence had assassinated Princess Diana" has
been extended - it now seems likely there was a joint operation by U.S.,
UK, and Israeli intelligence services.

In Skolnick's message, he described a second car, a decoy car, that MI5
allegedly used to deftly ram the Mercedes.  In last Thursday's Guardian
there was a report that the Paris police are in fact investigating a black
mystery car that several witnesses described - and corroboraing physical
evidence has been found on the Mercedes, including black paint and material
from a tail light.  Not surprisingly, the mystery car remains untraceable.

There are other developments that this is not the time or place to discuss,
and the investigation is ongoing.

My intention is to publish items as they come in directly to cj, if for no
other reason than self protection.


On another thread, my producer friend Parveez Syed confirms that Diana was
indeed _very_ close to committing to what would have been an extremely
provocative documentary regarding Iraq - much along the lines of "cj#707>
U.S. crimes against humanity / Iraq".  Again, let me say I see this as
being much more threatening to NWO elite interests than than the
"humiliated royals" angle - and more likely to have been the root cause of
any foul play.

Parveez has made this information about her intent available, and no media
have picked up on it.  Perhaps that is explained by the gag order, as one
would assume Diana's likely "next projects" would be worth at least a line
or two in the tabloids.  With the likelihood of U.S. involvemnt, it is not
surprising that the shadow of the gag order extends beyond the borders of
the UK.

Parveez plans to go ahead with the documentary - and considers himself at
risk in doing so.  He is asking cj subscribers for ideas as to who could
replace Diana - someone both renowned and a staunch humanitarian.  He also
sends the following statement, which more or less goes for myself as well:

        "I hereby confirm that I have no plans to
        kill myself; drink too much or drive recklessly. Suspect foul
        play even if they claim that the death was due to natural causes
        etc. The chances are that I would be framed one day to help
        discredit SRTV's [cj's] reported findings and efforts".