cj#729> comments re: “Globalization & NWO” book


Richard Moore

11/06/97, •••@••.••• (Susan LaBarre) wrote:
>Your mission review sounds great and well articulated. As usual, I'm a fan
>of how you string words together.
>Keep going!


11/08/97, Bill Michtom wrote:
>Since so much of what you will be examining seems to be exactly what
>Marx forsaw as the coming of world-capitalism, I was wondering if you
>will be discussing Marx and comparing your take to his vision.

I will need to compare as you say.  I also need to read a bit more about
Marx.  My impression is that his observations of capitalism have proven to
be astute but that his theory of value, his predictions of collapse, and
his proposed solutions are of a much lower standard.


11/08/97, Charles Bell wrote:
>This outline looks great.  I can hardly wait to see the outcome.
>Will you post it piecemeal as a work in progress?

The essays will be first-draft pieces of progress: they'll state the thesis
and arguments but with only incidental references to supporting material.

>Oh...why is the Internet the `ultimate Orwellian medium'?
>Are you assuming that all our keystrokes will be monitored?

This was developed in "Democracy and Cyberspace", see:

It is not just keystrokes that will be monitorable, but purchases,
whereabouts, tastes, patterns of communication, people corresponded with,
etc.  Neural-net filters can be used to reduce the manpower needed for
monitoring by humans.  Already a huge complex is being built in Washington
DC, armed with super-computers, to facilitate this process.  The bugaboo of
"Net Warfare" is being promulgated as an excuse, just as "War on drugs and
terrorism" is being used to to eliminate the Bill of Rights.


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