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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998
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Subject: Hack on 800

This just appeared in Col. David Hackworth's newsletter which usually
spends its time fulminating about military unreadiness, the folly of
admitting women to the combat forces and other issues of interest to
grunts.  But Hack doesn't like liars or coverups either.

  -   Charles   -

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I barely noticed a small article at the bottom of an inside page of the
January 9th edition of "USA Today". It reported that retired Admiral
Thomas Moorer, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs and an expert on
missile weaponry, had investigated the crash of TWA 800 with a veteran
TWA pilot and several retired naval aviators, including Commander William
Donaldson, who flew 89 combat missions over Vietnam and was the Navy's
senior accident investigator for five years. They concluded that all
evidence points to a missile as causing the crash of TWA Flight 800 in
July of 1996. This story was not covered by any television news networks,
nor by most newspapers. Civilian airliners crash every year, but no
investigation has been as bizarre as that of TWA 800. The mainstream
media has decided not to cover this issue, and ridicules anyone who
questions the FBI's conclusion that a mysterious spark caused an internal


Imagine that 150 people saw someone rob a bank, but a subsequent FBI
investigation found no evidence of criminal activity because no bank
robber was found. This is exactly what happened in the case of TWA 800.
Over 150 individuals reported seeing a streak of light heading toward TWA
800, 34 of these witnesses were deemed highly credible by the FBI,
including two airline pilots and two Air National Guard pilots who were
flying nearby. One pilot, Major Fredrick Meyer, is a lawyer with combat
experience in Vietnam where he had seen missiles fired at aircraft. After
his first FBI interview, he was ordered not to talk to the press.
However, once the FBI closed the investigation, they could no longer
justify the gag order. Major Meyer stated, "I saw, what I swear to God,
was military ordnance explode." (see "Navy Times" 1-19-98;
www.navytimes.com) However, the FBI concluded that there is no evidence
that a missile shot down TWA 800.


For the first time in its history, the National Transportation Safety
Board (NTSB) was not allowed to control the investigation of the crash of
a domestic airliner. The FBI claimed jurisdiction because of possible
criminal activity. Other odd things followed:

        1) President Clinton issued an Executive Order denying Navy divers
legal protection provided by the Whistle Blowers Protection Act.

        2) The FBI had soldiers wash all recovered debris with high pressure
water hoses before testing for explosive residue. The FBI later justified
this by saying that salt water was causing instant corrosion.

        3) An FAA air traffic controller who reviewed the radar tapes and told
the press that a missile was visible, changed his mind the next day.

        4) A few days later, a retired United airlines pilot told the press that
he had an air traffic control video which showed something streaking
toward the 747. The FBI had said all missile theories were hoaxes, but
seized his tape anyway.

        5) Although the FBI allowed the NTSB to reconstruct the debris,
FBI agents often entered the hanger and removed debris without logging it
out. The FBI kept some debris in a nearby hanger which was off-limits to
crash investigators.

        6) The NTSB has been unable to explain why some of the debris shows
holes and damage that was obviously caused by forces from outside the
aircraft, and could not have been caused by an internal explosion.

        7) FBI agents who investigated the missile theory refused to consider
that newer anti-missile warheads do not attempt to hit a target, but are
designed to blow up in front of the target and throw ball bearings in its

        8) The FBI finally turned over TWA 800's flight data recorder
information to the NTSB last month, which made it public. The retired
Navy officers noticed a handwritten note "end of data", and that the last
five seconds were lined out. They managed to read this deleted flight
data, and concluded that an explosive force struck the left forward part
of the cockpit and caused the plane to break up.


Once the FBI ended it investigation last November after finding no
criminal evidence, the NTSB could finally conduct an open investigation
into the cause of the crash, but certain ground rules were set by the
Clinton administration. The NTSB could not interview any witnesses to the
crash, and the possibility that a missile caused the crash could not be
discussed. The FBI also refused to release many details of its
investigation to the NTSB, including information on the Navy P-3 which
was flying directly over TWA 800 when it exploded, and is the type of
aircraft used to monitor missile tests.


A former police officer and husband of a senior TWA stewardess was asked
by TWA employees to dig into this mess. He wrote an excellent book "The
Downing of TWA Flight 800", which provides very credible evidence that a
Navy missile fired over the horizon as part of a new "Cooperative
Engagement" tactics hit TWA 800. His key piece of evidence was a small
fabric sample from a seat which a TWA investigator obtained for him. He
sent the seat cushion to a respected laboratory for testing, which
confirmed that missile residue was present.

He forwarded the sample to CBS News for further testing which was to be
used in a planned report on "60 Minutes". However, when the FBI learned
of the report, it seized the sample from CBS news and the "60 minutes"
story never appeared. It then arrested a career TWA captain who was head
of TWA's investigative team for providing the sample, and arrested the
author of the book.


In the brilliant, yet politically incorrect Oliver Stone movie,
"Year of the Dragon", a Chinese mafia "triad" boss attempts to bribe New
York City police captain Mickey Rourke to look the other way. He suggested
that his corporation could find him an extremely profitable position as a
security consultant after he retired from the police force.

This scene came to mind when the lead investigator for the TWA 800 crash
announced his retirement. James Kallestrom had spent a hundred million
taxpayer dollars and could not find the cause of the crash of TWA 800,
yet he is certain that it was not caused by a missile. His failure to
determine a cause somehow caught the attention of a powerful
organization. According to Mr. Kallestrom, someone made him an offer
(during the investigation) which he could not refuse, so he retired early
from the FBI after closing the TWA investigation to accept a position as
a "security consultant".

The politicians keep saying, "My God, 230 people were killed, do you
really think our government would cover something like this up?" Our Navy
accidentally shot down an Iranian airline a few years ago and lied about
what happened for several years; and those were Iranians who were killed,
not Americans. Billions of future dollars for defense contractors are at
stake, not to mention civil lawsuits, and possible criminal charges of
mass manslaughter. Our military and the Clinton administration cover-up
most blunders, why should this be different? Admiral Moorer has demanded
a congressional investigation, but all the publicity hounds on Capitol
Hill seem afraid to step into this spotlight. If you want to understand
the press in this country, send a copy of this to your local newspaper
and ask them why they refuse to report on this story.

-- Carlton Meyer

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