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Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998
Subject: Clinton-Blair to provoke WW3
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Thursday 05 February 1998, London-UK [SRTV00004-i250]

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Clinton-Blair to provoke WW3
by Parveez Syed (c) Shanti RTV news agency

LONDON-UK (SRTV/SC) - Despite coherent signs of Russian and Arab
opposition, US president Bill Clinton has declared publicly that
he will bomb Iraqi civilians from bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,
Bahrain, Turkey, Israel, Italy and Jordan. Armed with new power
to use nuclear bombs against Iraq, Clinton said "substantial"
military action is only days away.

As the US-led international coalition of 1991 unravels, Clinton
is turning more toward unilateral military force. Jewish US
secretary of state Mad Albright said the US doesn't think it
needs the UN Security Council to pass a new resolution before
the US can use military force under the existing authorisation.
"We believe we have the authority for a strike," she said. In
November 1997, Clinton signed a top-secret directive allowing
the US to drop the bombs. Clinton signed the directive before
the latest round of unsubstantiated US-UK claims that Iraq is
making and hiding chemical and biological weapons.

The Chinese and Russian UN delegates challenged UNSCOM inspection
chief Richard Butler to substantiate the charges directly to the
UN Security Council. In a letter published in the New York Times
on Friday 30 Jan 98, Butler admitted he "had no such knowledge".

The sanctions on 20 million people of Iraq are justified with the
claim that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Yet in 1991
Iraq had not one weapon in its entire arsenal capable of hitting
a US aircraft carrier, US aircraft or even a US tank. The
weapons of mass destruction were one-sided against Iraq.

In 1991, US fired 57 Scud missiles over 42 days from its bases in
Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, flew 110,000 sorties - dropping 88,500
tons of chemical, biological and nuclear, destroying water
purification plants, food-processing plants, electric power
stations, hospitals, schools, telephone exchanges, bridges and
roads in the country along with the entire life-support systems
and economic infrastructure.

Russia remains opposed to the use of force. In his thoughest
public statement yet over Iraq's alleged refusal to allow
alleged US weapon inspectors access to all alleged weapons
sites, Russian president Boris Yeltsin warned that any US
military action against Iraq could lead to world war. Egyptian
foreign minister Amr Moussa has confirmed that Iraq has opened
some 80 sites to the alleged US inspectors.

British prime minister has claimed that the alleged inspectors
have already found massive arms build-up in Iraq. He claimed
that 38,000 chemical weapons and 48 Scud missiles had been
allegedly discovered by the alleged inspectors. British foreign
minister Robin Cook, however, said Iraq's offer to allow a visit
by UN inspectors to some 45 sites in Iraq is unacceptable.

"Iraq has no stocks of weapons of mass destruction or storage
facilities for them which could be targeted in a military
strike", a senior Russian chemical weapons expert, Anatoly
Kuntsevich, has confirmed. "US and its allies have no targets in
Iraq that justify destruction. Iraq now has no stocks of
chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, nor the means to
produce them," he said. Kuntsevich also criticised the
composition of UNSCOM, saying the experts led by Richard Butler
"are mainly professional diplomats who often cannot draw correct
conclusions with regard to the facilities inspected".

"The UN teams keep searching, but found almost nothing. Either
the UN teams are totally incompetent or they are liars and
subverting the UN members and the media groups. Just take a look
around the pile of dead bodies, criminals and habitual liars
around the US commander-in-sleaze (Clinton). He will do whatever
is necessary to keep the public away from his scandals, and a
series of bombs on Iraq, Israel, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and
Kuwait at is probably his easiest solution. Clinton is a
dangerous 'Democrat'. He has no scruples of humanity," a Western
intelligence source told Shanti RTV news agency.

"Remember when the last attack on Iraq took place? It was sold to
the American public via a tearful nurse who told us all that
Iraqi soldiers had looted incubators from the Kuwait hospitals,
leaving the premature babies to die on the floor. A horrible
story. It should have been; it cost enough! The story was a fake,
the brainchild of public relations giants. The alleged 'nurse'
was actually the daughter of a Kuwaiti government official. The
looting never happened. But the American people were TOLD it
happened to trick us deceitfully into supporting an attack on
Iraq, then the embargo, which for the most part is perpetuated to
allow British and American oil companies to enjoy a larger share
of the world market and the higher prices that result from keeping
Iraq's oil off of the market. There is one and only one conclusion
to be had from the fact that we are being lied to to sell us wars,
and that is that the real reason for the war is something we would
not support," the source explained.

"UN members and media groups are being subverted and deceived. A
highly selected number of 'weapons inspectors', Kurds, Shias,
some opportunist Iraqis, Western and pro-Western puppets are
paid by the US, British and Israeli intelligence agents to
falsify Iraq's abilities to buy, make, store, hide and use the
alleged weapons. There is no irrefutable and conclusive evidence
to support the wild and fancy lies. The deceptive, creative lies
about the Iraqi capability are circulated to the US, European,
Arab, Russian and Jewish politicians and media groups," the
source added.

"The US has tons of Anthrax, other chemical and biological bombs,
and, of course, the nuclear arsenal in the region. British and US
officials told Saudi foreign minister prince Saud Al-Faisal why
it was necessary to sustain the dictators in Saudi Arabia,
Kuwait and Bahrain. The officials warned royal Saudi and Kuwaiti
dictators there would be grave consequences for them if the US
and Britain were not allowed to use the US bases in their
countries to bomb Iraq," the source confirmed.

Arab League secretary-general Esmat Abdel-Meguid, on his way to
Baghdad, said that Arab governments were opposed to any US-led
strike against Iraq. "... It's difficult for me to believe there
is a Arab country that agrees on an attack on Iraq militarily,"
said Abdel-Meguid who was asked to travel to the Iraq by Egyptian
president Hosni Mubarak. Abdel-Meguid stressed that his mission
had solid Arab support behind it. He criticised the US and
Britain for brandishing the military option against Iraq. "The
use or threat of force by the US and Britain threatens the region
and Arab national security," he said.

"China, Russia and France are resisting the unilateral US
actions. Syria, Iran and India have all spoken out against any
military action against Iraq. Even Washington's most loyal
puppets in the region publicly distance themselves from the US
sanctions policy that is overwhelmingly unpopular among the
masses of people. US, British and Jewish assets in the region
are reluctant to be seen openly to support an attack because of
fears of a domestic backlash when Iraqi civilians are killed or
wounded," the source told Shanti RTV news agency.

Saudi Arabia, America's closest ally in the region, claimed it
would not allow the US to use Saudi bases to bomb Iraq. Most
American airborne weaponry in the region is based in the
oil-rich desert kingdom. "Saudi Arabia will not allow any
strikes against Iraq, under any circumstances, from its soil or
bases in Saudi Arabia, due to the sensitivity of the issue in
the Arab and Muslim world," a senior Saudi official claimed.

"Cook, however, has ordered dictators in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,
Bahrain, Jordan and Turkey not to publicly oppose the US-UK
boming of Iraq," the intelligence source said. "Clinton is
subverting and deceiving the UN. What Clinton is doing is far
more dangerous, far more worse than what Adolf Hitler did to the
Jews in Europe.  It is a violation of the UN Charters, the UN
Conventions, the international laws and treaties," the source

The people of Iraq will suffer most from a US-British attack - as
they did from the 1991 assault and the seven-year US-led blockade
that together have taken 1,500,000 Iraqi lives. The Gulf
assault's toll also included some 290,000 US and European troops
who suffered from symptoms later classified as "Gulf War
Syndrome", otherwise known as the "friendly US fire".

"The US oil monopolies want the same deal for Iraqi oil they have
in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or the United Arab Emirates. There the
oil companies practically administer the states. In each a single
corrupt and decadent family owns the oil wealth outright. They
bank the oil money in US and British banks, and use it to buy
weapons to stay in power. By bombing Iraq, the Pentagon issues an
unmistakable warning to every possible competitor  to fall in
line," according to Middle East analyst Sara Flounders.

"UN inspectors know that many fertilizers, pesticides and
household chemicals can be turned into deadly weapons. Chlorine
to purify water or powdered milk products have been denied under
sanctions. These common yet life-saving materials, used in every
corner of the globe, can also be used to manufacture chemical or
biological weapons. There is no US demand that Iraq can fulfill
that will mean an end to the sanctions. The threat of nuclear
weapons and the use of starvation sanctions are meant to
terrorise every country into paralysis," Flounders explained.

A cable car carrying skiers in the Dolomites crashed to
the ground on Tuesday, after the steel wire supporting it was
sliced by an American military aircraft. All 20 of the people on
the car died, while passengers on a second cable car travelling
in the opposite direction was left dangling for an hour. The US
plane was part of a NATO force. "The US military aircraft was on
a secret training excercise. The training would help the pilots
cut electric grids and bomb more than 80 sites in as many towns
and villages, killing thounsands of innocent civilians in Iraq.
The US pilots are also being trained to drop small and large
chemical, biological and nuclear weapons in Israel, Saudi
Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Iran, Jordon, Iraq, Russia and
elsewhere. The plan is to blame Iraq to help Clinton and Blair
justify boming and killing of innocent civilians in Iraq. The
plan is to claim later that Iraq has bombed, gassed and killed
or treatened the countries, its own civilians, US-funed Kurds
and Shias. This is secret-friendly-fire. It is a tried, tested
and old trick to deceive and subvert UN members and media
groups. The ploy worked in 1991," the intelligence source told
Shanti RTV news agency.

Finally: British MPs invited some 200 British Muslim leaders and
ambassadors, from all over the UK to the parliament to celebrate
Eid on Thursday 05 February 1998. It was the first time that the
community attended the celebration at the House of Commons in
London-UK. None of the leaders and ambassadors - many with close
and personal ties to the long troubled and misunderstood Arab
world - spoke in clear opposition at this critical time for the
innocent Iraqi civilians or US-imposed restrictions on food,
medicine and spares, and on Iraqi sovereignty and airspace. UK's
interior minister, Jewish Jack Straw - who was to attend and
address the meeting - felt it was more important to be with
Clinton, Blair, Albright and Jewish US defense secretary William
Cohen in the US to help finalise the plan to kill more Iraqis.

Presented by: Shanti RTV (c) 05 February 1998.
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