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Richard Moore


Eric points out that the absurdity and hypocrisy of the "weapons of mass
destruction" charge, and points to Monica Lewinsky as prime motivator for
the invasion.  His survey of Iraq's neighbors is useful, but I'd categorize
the piece as Clinton-demonizing propaganda.

Eric is interesting generally for his insider intelligence information and
his unique NWO-promoting propaganda spin.


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Date: Feb. 5, 1998
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                        Foreign Correspondent

                      Inside Track On World News
            By International Syndicated Columnist & Broadcaster
                 Eric Margolis <•••@••.•••>

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Eric Margolis  5 Feb 1998

The United States is preparing to launch a new jihad
against Great Satan Iraq. Possible attack date: the night
before special investigator Ken Starr charges  Clinton with
perjury and influence peddling.

Prime targets: Saddam Hussein's underground bunker - and
Monica Lewinsky. In 1737, Britain and Spain fought the War
of Jenkin's Ear. Stand by for the War of Monica's Lips.

President Clinton counts on a new crusade against Saddam to
cancel out  Zippergate. The Pentagon warns Iraq's alleged
chemical/biological weapons (CB) will be eradicated by
sustained air, and possibly commando, attacks.
. .
If they exist, Iraq's modest, remaining  stores of CB
weapons are probably hidden in mountains, desert, or marshes
- not in guest bedrooms of Saddam's palaces, the rather
comical target of current American wrath.

UN inspectors say Iraq has, at most, one Scud missiles left.
Iraq's rudimentary nuclear program - based on Israeli
technology sold to Baghdad by South Africa - was dismantled.
Large stores of chemical/bio weapons were destroyed.  Iraq's
ability to deliver CB weapons is now probably limited to
Fedexing germs to its enemies, COD..

Even if Iraq were 100% disarmed - an impossibility - how
would this effect the region's security?

*Syria:  200 Scud-B missiles with 985kg VX nerve gas
warheads. Sixty longer-ranged Scud-C's with cluster warhead
bomblets packed with deadly VX nerve agent. Targeted on
Israeli cities, air and missile bases, as counter-force to
Israel's nuclear arsenal. .

*Iran:  CIA estimates stockpile of 2,000 tons of
blistering, choking, blood and some nerve agents.  In the
80's, Iran was victim of massive chemical warfare by Iraq,
then a US-British ally. Iran lacks long-ranged delivery
capability. Working on Sahab-3 missile system capable of
reaching Israel with one ton warhead. Limited bio-war

*Egypt:  chemical agents delivered by air/short-ranged
missiles.  Small, top-secret biowarfare project begun in
early 1960's in response to Israel's nuclear program,
including plague and warheads packed with highly radioactive
Strontium-90, and Cesium. .

*Turkey:  some air/artillery delivered chemical agents.
Mustard gas possibly used against rebellious Kurds .

*Libya - Limited chemical/biological warfare - including
some work on highly-deadly anthrax by Iraqi technicians. No
means to deliver CB weapons - which are more dangerous to
bumbling Libyans than anyone else..

*Pakistan: 20 air-delivered nuclear weapons. Working on
nuclear warheads for Al-Hatf missiles.  Blistering, choking
and V-series nerve agents: VX, VS.

*India: minimum 60 nuclear weapons. Can make 50 plutonium
weapons yearly.  Delivered by air, artillery, soon `Prithvi'
missile and, later, `Agni' intermediate range ballistic
missile. Chemical warfare arsenal of many thousand tons of
mustard and nerve gas. Some advanced germ warfare research.

*Israel:  Mideast's sole nuclear power. 200-400 nuclear air
and missile-delivered warheads, reportedly including
hydrogen and high-radiation neutron warheads. Some nuclear
mines.  Nuclear-armed Jericho's based at Kfar Zachariah.
Nuclear bombs for F-15's/16's/F-4's based at Tel Nof.

Mideast's largest producer of chemical weapons at Dimona,
including nerve, blistering, choking agents. Also largest
producer of biological weapons, reportedly  anthrax, plague,
Q fever, Tularemia. Can deliver by air or missile.

Iraq, says the UN, produced 150  VX nerve gas bombs and 50
short-ranged Frog missile warheads filled with biological
agents. Iraq also produced small amounts of nerve agent,
Sarin, and gas-gangrene causing clostridium. Sizeable
quantities of biowar agents  botulism and  anthrax. And test
batches of Saddam's secret weapon: camel pox!

The west supplied all Iraq's CB raw materials  and
manufacturing processes.  Germ warfare breeder stocks came
from Britain and the US - for use against Iran. Almost all
have since been destroyed.

Iraq didn't use germs or chemicals against Israel in the
1991 war. Israel vowed to retaliate with nuclear weapons if
an CB attack occured. So did the US.

Chemical and biological weapons are now permanently
implanted from North Africa to India.  Bombing Iraq again
won't put this deadly genii back into its bottle.

copyright   eric margolis  1998

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