cj#777> Correction re. author of the “Quiz” column


Richard Moore

Bob - Sorry about the hate mail, but I don't believe it's from cj
subscribers, since the authors are not on my latest listing - rkm

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998
Sender: Bob Djurdjevic <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Correction re. author of the "Quiz" column


I've just reread your "cj#776> Iraq update: hypocrisy | nukes" in which you
published the Orlando Sentinel "Quiz" piece which I had sent you.  And I
and see that you never identified the columnist, Charles Reese, as its
author (you can check it out yourself at -

No wonder I was getting some "hate mail" from your readers since they
probably assumed that I had written the Orlando Sentinel column.  I did
not.  I merely forwarded it to you, just as you had forwarded to your
readers the Margolis piece.

Please send out an immediate and prominent correction about it to the
Cyberjournal readers.  Thank you.

Bob Dj.

Bob Djurdjevic
Phoenix, Arizona
e-mail: •••@••.•••