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Richard Moore

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 Can anyone else verify this?

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 FLASH - American Forces in Germany at DefCon 2

 WAR in Middle East IMMINENT!
 © Copyright 1998 by Harvest Trust All Rights Reserved

 CAJI News Service - Exclusive - by William Cooper - All American
 Forces in Germany and Naval units in the Persian Gulf and Indian
 Ocean have been placed in Defense Condition 2 (war is imminent).
 Israeli forces have gone to full war alert status. National Guard
 askng for volunteers for immediate Middle East deployment.

 We have received word from Intelligence Service operatives that
 all leaves and passes for American troops in Germany have been
 cancelled. Several United States Naval vessels have been diverted
 from port. All Patriot missile sites in Europe have gone to full
 alert status. We believe that war in the Middle East is imminent.

 The Intelligence Service Deputy Director for the East Coast sought
 official verification or denial from the pentagon. The phones rang
 at all Public Affairs and Information offices but no one answered.
 Attempts to call the Command Center directly met with failure.

 We have warned you to prepare for war in the Middle East for the
 last two weeks. We were informed well in advance that the strikes
 against targets in Sudan and Afghanistan would occur on or about
 August 20, 1998. We refrained from reporting that information to
 prevent our enemies from being warned in advance. Secrecy is no
 longer an issue as all participants fully expect war at any moment.
 For a more indepth study of the purpose of this war (aside from the
 obvious diversion from Clinton's problems) go to:


 Pentagon Suspends Press Conferences
 CAJI News Service - Washington DC - Now we know why we could not
 reach anyone in Public Affairs or Defense Information over the
 weekend for an official statement regarding our "War Imminent"
 story. Normal weekly scheduled Pentagon press briefings, usually
 held at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, are suspended for the
 period Aug. 24 through Sept. 4, 1998.

 The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs
 (Information), and director, Directorate for Defense Information
 will be available during this period for on-the-record or
 background statements and, should the situation warrant,
 on-the-record briefings.

 This happened right before the invasion of Granada, Desert Storm,
 and the invasion of Panama. It is an unofficial confirmation of
 our headline story above. A lot of People are about to die.

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