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              [These articles were all published in August,
                  and are now available for reference}

* Does might still make right?
* Arafat Brings Misery to Palestinians - Dr. Sarah Roy (MER FlashBack)
* "The Saudi Connection"
* The Pathetic Arab League - Take a Drive Esmat
* The New "Terror" War Escalates
* It's "Payback Time" Columnist Writes in Toronto Sun
* The ''New War'' - America & Israel Against the ''Terrorists''
* "Peace Process" Deceptions - MER FlashBack
* More Lies from Washington - London Observer:Clinton Lied About Sudan
* David Hirst Investigates and Finds U.S. Assertions Doubtful
* ''War Without End'' Now Ahead
* The ''DEMANDS'' - What the ''Terrorists'' Want
* The Lawless, Brutal, Mafia-Like "PA" -- The "Arafat Regime"
* Hebron Under Siege - More Israeli Settlers and Buildings On The Way
* Hammarskjold - New Evidence Suggests Killed by Western Plot
* "Oh What A Lovely War" - Gore Vidal Tells It As It Is
* "Peace Process" Update - Sharon Rising, Arafat Falling
* Massive U.S. Intelligence Failure in Sudan
* "Bin Laden No Aberration....He Is Hero"

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